Fair Finley's Opening Line

Now that the first chapter for "Wilfair Book 3: Stay Awhile" is live -- it's here! On Forever Young Adult! Hooray! -- there are things to say.

(You're like, "I know, Alysia, with you there are always things to say, regardless if they need saying or not. Shocker!")

Here's one: Fair Finley's opening lines in all three books are connected. She says the same first word in the first two books but changes it up in book three.

Also, Gomery gets the first spoken line in "Stay Awhile." I'm almost unbearably fussy about everything that goes in the books and I choose every word with nearly obsessive care. I appreciate that many writers do, but there are times I need to step. Away. From. The. Computer.
But Montgomery X. Overbove's opening line was truly handpicked. It comes loaded with love, sparkle, and heat, the feel I wanted to set for the rest of the story.


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