Favorite Romantic Scene

I liked talking romcoms last week very much. Now it is time to discuss specific romantic scenes. Bess might have suggested this, or someone else, or was it a romantic song post? If this was your idea, dear reader, ping me and let me give you credit!

There are many cinematic gems to shout about, but here are two I'm rather sweet on:

"My Brilliant Career": This 1979 film, based on a 1901 novel, ably evokes the turn-of-the-last-century Australian outback. It also has a truly interesting romantic scene, one that has stayed with me since I first caught it on cable.

If you've seen it you know I'm about to say the words "pillow fight." Judy Davis and Sam Neill -- both amazing -- are pre-sweethearts when they get in this epic, outdoor pillow fight that isn't particularly sexy or romantic but rather competitive and sweaty. And it goes on and on and on and on.

They dash around the exterior of this big farmhouse and under various bowers and into fields. It's sunny and little flies are buzzing and everything just feels at a boiling point.

Not to get film-school-y and Monty-Overbove-esque on this movie, but the pillow fight helps these repressed, Edwardian-era characters just work out some stuff they can't say or act on. I searched for a photo but could only find the cover of a DVD.

This. Scene.

"Pride & Prejudice": The Colin Firth-Jennifer Ehle P&P. The scene where Mr. Darcy watches Lizzie play the pianoforte with open, obvious pleasure. Nothing more to say. We've all seen it. So good.

What's your favorite romantic movie scene?



Erika said...

I'm really into the small moments like Darcy's little hand stretch and the look that happens when Captain Fredrick is informed that Anne is not engaged, but we've discussed those things so here are my big movie gestures.

Penelope: two moments, the moment when Max defends her and goes running back into her house to explain himself, and the big reveal at the end. I love me a passionate kiss.

Just like Heaven: when Mark Ruffalo steals the body. Love it!

Sense and Sensibilty: let me preface, Edward Ferrars is not my absolute favorite Austen hero, in fact in this story I'm team Colonel Brandon, however it gets me EVERY SINGLE TIME when he tells Elinor that he isn't engaged.

Wilfair Book said...

Ohhh, nice. I'm pretty sweet on Colonel Brandon myself, but I know just the moment you are talking about and I like it as well.

I haven't seen "Just Like Heaven" but I like Mark Ruffalo! He might have my favorite voice of any actor.

Kelly said...

Tom Hardy has my favourite voice of any actor, but Mark Ruffalo is definitely a close second.

I've never seen My Brilliant Career, but it sounds lovely, adding it to my lovefilm queue.

Penelope is so great! It's one of those films I always forget about until someone reminds me, but it's full of great little moments, and now I want to go watch it again.

Wilfair Book said...

I like Tom Hardy but couldn't picture -- picture in my ears, I guess? -- his voice. Just popped by youtube and listened to an interview and I agree! Smooth tones.

Mark Ruffalo's curly salt-and-pepper hair is also nice. My husband has very similar hair, and it is devastatingly attractive.

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