Festive Farmers Market

It's kind of a winter wonderland at Sutton Von Hunt's place of work, the Original Farmers Market in the heart of Los Angeles, California. It's just seven blocks north of The Wilfair Hotel and cute as heck.

The famous public market goes full force on the holiday-decorating front. Check out the iconic clocktower all lit up -- that's it in the background. (It's quite large but looks small from this perspective.)

But my favorite parts are the market's big menorah (which was all aglow last week) and the big tree. I specifically like the big tree's one-of-a-kind ornaments.

See the little green baskets? Those are miniature versions of Farmers Market's signature wooden shopping carts. Adorable, right? A tree covered in shopping carts, or trolleys, if you prefer. I'm always charmed when an everyday object gets elevated to something special.

Touches like this ring my bell. Clever and quaint? Two of my very favorite things.


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