Here are foods the six Wilfair people I've Polyvored might eat. Have an idea who eats what?
(There are actually two foods for one character, because it was too hard to choose.)

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Wilfair Foods


wealhtheow said...

Fair eats the butterfly cake. FOR SURE. I feel like Thurs or Prior eat the egg, because topped eggs seem pretty posh to me. But I also see Prior eating the candy apples. Sutton eats the green food. I'm going to say Monty eats the omelet and Gomery eats the cereal, although I have no rational reason for why. And is that dip down there in the left-hand corner? Who refuses dip? They all eat dip, right? But Fair does live right next to Diptown.

Jamila said...

Fair is totally the cake and the cheese dip. Frosting and cheese are like her 2 major food groups, right? Candy apples, I'm gonna say Monty and cereal Gomery. I can't tell if Sutton would eat the fruits and veg, or would she be sick of it all from work? I think the omelet is Thurs and the egg is Prior, so I guess Sutton is the greenery.

Wilfair Book said...

Ladies! I was just thinking about the two of you this morning. You'll know why soon. (Ominous?)

I love these guesses, and I love that they're not 100% matching what I thought, because I don't like when things are too easy.

Here's one reveal: Sutton=caramel apples. She says in "Wilfair" that she has "a situation with caramel apples" since they sell them at Farmers Market, where she works.

Too deep inside? Going back to one line? Probably.

I don't want this to be not fun or take any more of your time so I'll post the rest in the comments tomorrow. Because not-fun-time-takers bite.

Jamila said...

I SWEAR I was thinking of the caramel apples for Sutton. I was thinking it was just a total role reversal from the produce and that seems appropriate for her, but maybe I was subliminally remembering that one line. :)

In that case, I think Prior is the veggies. He seems like the type to jump on the macrobiotic train. I'll give Monty the omelet. The rest of my guesses stand.

Wilfair Book said...

Jamila: Right, right, right, right, right! Fair cake/dip, Thurs posh egg, Monty omelet, Gomery cereal, Sutton caramel apples.

Fair because she lives in cake and Diptown (props, wealhtheow), Sutton is caramel apples because she works at a public market, Monty because he eats what he likes with few consequences to his popcorn-box'd form, Gomery is basic cereal because he's up early with the motel and is (mostly) sensible, Thurs because he'd probably own a fancy lacquered dish that only does one thing -- hold an egg -- and Prior because because his trainer and nutritionist are forever on him to consider his next revealing movie role.

Even though Thurs often travels with his trio of aunts I often think of him eating alone, and that single egg signified that for me.

Wilfair Book said...

Also, this omelet would be from the Mmm Mmm Cafe, next door to the Motel Fairwil and frequented by the Overboves.

Also, wealhtheow is right: Who refuses dip?

wealhtheow said...

Of course the omelet is from the Mmm Mmm Cafe. Did that even need to be said? I think not.

The more I look at that egg the more it just screams Thurs to me. I think Thurs needs a hug, and but quick. I also think my feelings for him may be venturing into the inappropriate. But if that's wrong, I don't want to be right.

Wilfair Book said...

When are you returning to Wilshire and Fairfax so I can give you a hug for loving a minor character with maybe suspect motives? When?

Wilfair Book said...

Minor thus far, I should say. :)

wealhtheow said...

Some day, some day! Very possibly this summer. Maybe not, But very possibly.

Wilfair Book said...

I will laugh and laugh when I meet you! Ask Erika. I was almost overly merry upon meeting her.

Warning: Whenever I meet someone I've been chummy with online I say something to the effect of "I can't believe we're finally meeting in person!" like 28 times. It's not that charming or inspired.

wealhtheow said...

But i'll chime in with the always-delightful "I just feel like I KNOW you, you know?"

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