"Last Christmas"

This song came up -- okay, I brought it up -- in the comments of the Romantic Holiday Song post below.

Now that it has been in my head all afternoon, I'm posting it here. I mean. Please. This song! Wham!

I was a total Wham! girl when I was lass. This heartbreaker of a holiday ditty got rewound A LOT. It's very likely I had a whole dance routine choreographed to it, too.


kitzie said...

I'm a total "yes" with this song, particularly with the video factored in. But honestly I never really thought much of it at all until a friend told me that George Michael wrote the song alone. Which is awesome. And now I can't help but wonder if he gets more money from this song than any other? And how many other songs did George Michael pen all on his own? And I really should watch some reruns of Arrested Development shouldn't I? See, it's so thought provoking!

(I so love when George Michael is making angry/hurt/alluring eyes at you/ex from across the table in the video. It's the BEST.)

Wilfair Book said...

Those eyes are my favorite part, too!

Can I also add that on very good days I have the hair of the lady in this video? But very good hair days happen rarely for me. I've always been fond of curly wedge cuts, though, even if they are tied stylistically to the '80s.

I love "Freedom" by G.M., too, but that's not really very holiday.

"Arrested Development." Don't even start, kitzie. Don't. Even. Start. We could be here all day.

Kelly said...

Ha yes I love this song, and the video. Also agree about Arrested Development. I cant help feeling more fond by association of George Michael (singer) ever since George Michael (AD) came into my life!

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