A search for Wilshire and Fairfax in the Flickr Creative Commons turned up this gem. The area of Los Angeles that's home to the fictional Wilfair Hotel and Motel Fairwil has its share of street art, interesting flyers, and eye-catching posters. This is a perfect example.

I also like it because Fair Finley has a line in "Stay Awhile" about posting flyers. Her proposed flyers are not regarding a lost heart, however, though hearts do figure in the story.

cr: Alonzo


Kelly said...

Random/entertaining flyers are great. Have you ever seen this:


The lionel richie one is my favourite

Wilfair Book said...

*Have You Seen This Dog? I Have Now*

Ha ha ha ha ha. I laughed at all of them, but the Lionel Richie one is wonderful.

I've seen a few versions of this one, too. Like.


Kelly said...

"Have you seen this cat? Because he is awesome"

Made me giggle for about 5 minutes! And has also given me great inspiration for a birthday prank for one particular friend.

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