Me, Bess, Gollum, Ring

You're a fan of all things Tolkien, I imagine? Excellent.

So when I describe myself as Gollum and Bess as The One Ring in the upcoming example, you'll get where I'm going.

Bess Bieluczyk was the very first reader to write me about "Wilfair" and "Redwoodian" (you of course know this charming lady from the comments). I remember the day her email popped up and how I blinked at it, not believing I was getting such a nice note. It was a pretty long note, too, and she ended it by saying she'd told her former roommates, her mother, and her dentist all about the books.

Her dentist! I mean, really. When I go to my dentist I prod him into sharing the weirdest teeth-based stories he'll divulge. And there Bess was, with the little saliva-sucky thing doing its job, talking about some random books about forearms and mint dishes and not being at all prurient about cavities and flossing techniques.

(Bess, I'm sorry I had to be so familiar there. I don't normally picture you with the saliva-sucky thing in your mouth, please know that.)

ANYWAY. Right when I got her wonderful email I experienced a real Gollum-Ring moment. Her notes and her sweetness were Ring-like and magical and I promptly tucked into a corner of my cave and cooed, Gollum-like, over her kind words. I was probably more dressed than Gollum is, and not nearly as squatty, but just painting a picture for you.

So I promptly asked her if she would read "Stay Awhile" when it was finished and she agreed. It was incredibly forward, seeing as how we had just met, but I couldn't let her get away. (Gollum, One Ring, etc.)

Fast-forward many months, to early September. I slunk up to her door, hissy and Gollum-like, with my new book in hand. (Not her literal door; we live on different coasts.) She read "Stay Awhile," gave me some terrific feedback, and was a perfect person in all ways. Like I said, total One Ring material.

I do feel a bit badly, because the book was pretty dang first-draft-y. Some things didn't quite work and a main character disappeared in the middle of a scene. (Bess: "Hey, Alysia, where'd this person go?" Alysia: "Derrrrr. Out for ice cream?")

I'm excited for her to see it again, polished and done and with all characters in their places and some new things, too. She's been a trooper in the comments and she hasn't accidentally spoiled anything (something I've nearly done on a few occasions).

I mention this because I wanted to say thank you to Bess, who is amazing and who read the book twice and was incredibly thorough and thoughtful. She treats Fair and Monty and everyone like friends, but not in a way that isn't questioning or is overly fawny or anything. That meant a lot.

I also feel slightly guilty, in the way I often do, that everyone wasn't reading it. I've said before that Wilfair is an inclusive world. That goes for what's happening with the characters in the books and what's happening here on the blog.

But the timing was such that, very early on, I threw my sharp little "read me! read me!" hooks into Ms. Bieluczyk before anyone was stopping by here. I think it may have been just me and the B.B. back in the day, keeping the tar bubble a-poppin' 'round these parts. (Very soon after that I met Carly, then Erika, and all my ladies. I remember something about meeting each of you or reading an early comment. Don't mean to be creepy, I just do. I'm glad you're here.)

All that said, if you've requested an ARC, you'll have it next week, shiny and new. (And you'll be able to check your name in the acknowledgements, too, while you're at it! Hooray!)

And if you want to talk about beta-reading "Fairwil" next year -- probably next August or September -- we can definitely discuss down the road. I enjoy and value all of your contributions here SO much. You know that, right?

(I'd seriously tape a cupcake or a mini bottle of something stronger to the top of your ARC if I could, even. You know I'm not kidding.)

That's it for delightful secrets. I'm Gollum, Bess played a shiny Ring, I got very hissy and covetous with her, she read an early version of "Stay Awhile," and it is all good.

* And let me add that I do love Gollum and find him to be quite tragic, so I don't mean to make light of his plight. I always want to help him, take him home, feed him warm bread. Also, I have a bit of a highbrow movie crush on the amazing Andy Serkis. Who is going to see "The Hobbit" this weekend? That's my treat for lining up all of these ARCs for shipment. Cannot. Wait.


bess said...

Did you see the great Andy Serkis interview on The Colbert Report last week? He was lovely!

myrandaroyann said...

Bess, I love The Colbert Report and The Daily Show! ;)

kitzie said...

This is such a book person love story! So cute.

And, I don't know how this is going to go over as I feel like it's an unpopular opinion, but I was excited about The Hobbit until the trailer had the singing (that was the WORST in the book, I could only finish once I started skipping the singing) and heard it was broken into three movies. Now I'm not so sure it's going to be as good as the previous series.

Wilfair Book said...

All my husband and I are doing this morning is talking nervous "Hobbit" talk. Will this higher frames-per-second be awesome? Will there be enough scary orc action? Can we love Gandalf more than we already do?

We're revved.

Also, no one asked, but I should mention that my favorite "Lord of the Rings" film sequence was Helms Deep from "Two Towers." I spent far too long deconstructing that last night over drinks.

I like Sam and Frodo's sweet friendship, too. It isn't all swords and arrows with me.

bess said...

Myrandaroyann, Jon Stewart is (one of my) dream man! So funny and clever.

My fella and I had a long discussion about The Hobbit last night while washing dishes. I was worried about the 3 movie stretching the story too much but he's excited to see all the side stories from the appendices(?) fleshed out. I am a big fan of Two Towers too because Eowyn is my favorite.

kitzie said...

Eowyn so kicks Arwen's butt (um, in the who's more awesome battle). Her "no man" line and slaying of evil guy make me like the third movie the most. Though, without Eowyn's battle, obviously, "The Two Towers" was better (and I agree about Helm's Deep being the reason for that.)

Extra personal plus: when those movies were in theaters, I was getting the Eowyn's my celeb look alike thing left and right. Which is way better than what I got before: "Heather Graham in Boogie Nights." **ALWAYS with that qualifier!!! I'm like, thaaaanks?**

I also agree about Frodo and Sam's friendship. It was beautiful, and is the ultimate winning force in the series.

Now I'm going to have to spend like 87 hours watching LOTR this weekend. :) I def won't get to go out to see "The Hobbit", though, so you guys should post what you think of it.

kitzie said...

"Is it the roller skates you always wear?" No, I guess it's the super short shorts I always wear! :) No one ever makes bad celebrity comparisons, so it's always a nice compliment. (Like no one's ever "You look just like Donald Trump!" or "You know that Elephant Man movie...")

& love that Legolas moment & Legolas's never ending supply of arrows & Legolas in general. (He's going to be in the second Hobbit and that I am excited for.)

Chiara said...

Jumping in on the LOTR talk here! I gotta admit that I have never been a fan *gasp* I had seen the first two back in the day but couldn't really be that excited over it. With The Hobbit coming out one of my best friends, who's a huge fan, lured me into watching the trilogy with him last weekend. I liked them so much more now!

Gandalf, oh Gandalf! I love him so much, I think I might have a crush on him. Yes, I said it.

Gollum, he's so tragic indeed! I feel so bad for him and I want to give him some food and clothes as well. I feel quite torn up about him though, I mean as tragic ass Gollum is, he was not the nicest person as Smeagol either but I guess the shiny ring just made everything worse for him. I love Gollum though, he can't help that he's become so bad.

We saw The Hobbit tonight and oh Gandalf!

Anyway, Kitzie, I loved the singing actually! The song's beautiful and Richard Armitage has a wonderful voice I think. In the book I didn't really like the singing either though, sorta skipped through that. Also, I admit, I only read half of the book, still need to finish the rest.

Eowyn is all kinds of awesome, like more awesome than awesome. I like Arwen as well, probably mostly because of Liv Tyler's prettiness but Eowyn kicks everybody's butt!

What did you all think about the HFR? I wasn't all too fond of it honestly. In some parts it worked, in others it looked like a filmed play...

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