Monty and Gomery Christmas by Erika

Our own Erika of blog comment and corner fame is a natural Polyvorer. She put together two fab outfits for characters Fair Finley and Sutton Von Hunt, both with an ugly Christmas sweater party theme. Here are two more character outfits, and they're wonderful.

I definitely see Monty wearing a Santa hat with mini antlers. I also love seeing a Thurs Mathers-y note in his as well -- the two-toned shoes. You get what I get, Erika -- that Monty Overbove can be inspired by something and run with it in an even more attractive fashion than its originator.

(Is "originator" a word? It reads funny to me. It's Monday before 6 a.m., so it is likely I'm taking liberties.)

I have certainly never been that person, by the way. When I believe I'm being quite daring in the sartorial sense, I usually get home, take a peek in the mirror, and think,  "wow, I wore that out of the house today?"

Also, the popcorn. Yes!




I see this happening at the diner -- Erika

Gomery's holiday party look


Erika said...

The shoes are very Thurs but they were so old-timey Hollywood and classy that I had to put them on Monty :) and yes, I am completely in love with the popcorn description, haha I couldn't not add popcorn!

Wilfair Book said...

I love the shoes! Two-toned shoes, in a book or out, are some of my favorites.

These are making my Monday better. Thanks again, Erika!

wealhtheow said...

Monty totally watches 24 hours of A Christmas Story on Christmas Eve, doesn't he?

Wilfair Book said...


I wonder who is responsible for hanging all the lights on the motel (and taking them down again). It must take like thirty strings. And the Overboves definitely use those old-school over-sized bulbs. The motel goes a bit tacky at the holidays, but then it must. After all, there are sleigh bells tied to the handle of the lobby door all year long.

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