So this on my tree.

What's your favorite holiday (or non-holiday) decoration?


Carly said...

I swear my mother has kept every atrocious tree ornament that me and my siblings ever made in elementary school. Every year when we dig out the ornaments, she is bombarded by comments like "why do you still have this?" "Who made this?" "WHAT IS THIS?!" This last is from me. You see, there is a dried orange slice that one of my siblings preserved as an ornament in third grade or something AND WE STILL HAVE IT. And it kind of grosses me out.

My favorite is one that my mom was given at an ornament exchange at work a couple of years ago. It's a doll head. Yes. Just the head. It's the creepiest ever and no one wants it on the tree, obviously. My mom was going to throw her out, but I claimed her and named her Bethany. I like to hide her in people's beds or, like, the cupboard in the bathroom where the toilet paper is. Gives my loved ones a lovely little surprise, lol.

bess said...

Carly, that is equal parts evil and awesome!

Wilfair Book said...

Carly, you are seriously my kind of person! The naming of the doll's head and the hiding of it. YES. I have a few, um, vaguely strange traditions that are distantly related to this one. But know that I appreciate and admire your Bethany-directed efforts and am now inspired to fly higher with my own.

I feel like there could be a blog here for you! The Year in Bethany.

I like all the old ornaments your family keeps, too. My mom hangs one each year that I made in third grade. It's a piece of red thread with sticky foil stars stuck to it.

The only word that comes to mind when I see it is "bedraggled."

Kelly said...

We have a lot of really beautiful decorations, my parents have always been big into Christmas, so pretty much every room in the house is covered. My mum is super meticulous about where everything goes and is quite fussy about not having anything too tacky and so on, and my dad and my siblings don't really fight her on it because it looks lovely. But 20 years ago in a fit of festive rebellion, my dad brought 'santas marching band', a set of ugly little elves and toys and reindeer who play christmas carols, and it instantly became my favourite decoration. They're a bit out of tune now but still going.

Wilfair Book said...

Ohhh boy. Santa's marching band! You know, I think I love the cheesiest part of the holidays the best. Cheers to your dad! (And I love the phrase "in a fit of festive rebellion" very much.)

Can I tell you, Kelly, that I'm a bit obsessed with British Christmas? We started doing crackers in my house a few years back and we still think of them as so novel. Paper crowns!

Also, my husband is very enamored of the British Christmastime pop hit so we listen to *a lot* of them at Casa Painter. His favorite of all time is Slade's "Merry Xmas Everybody." Do these songs play around the clock come December in all the shops? I mean, we have Christmas pop hits here, too, but I sense they're bigger in England.

Kelly said...

I didn't realise until very recently that not everyone has crackers at Christmas. I guess I just hadn't thought about it. Now I know that if I'm ever having Christmas in another country I'll have to bring my own cracker supply, because Christmas dinner would absolutely not be complete without paper crowns and terrible cracker jokes.

Slade is a favourite in my house too, along with Wizzards 'I wish it could be Christmas every day'. Yeah those songs and a bunch of others are in a pretty much constant rotation from mid November onwards in most shops. The year I worked in retail in the run up to Christmas nearly put me off them for life! Almost everyone's favourite Christmas song is Fairytale of New York though, which I've mentioned on here before. Is that popular where you are? Or is just a British thing?

Wilfair Book said...

Oh, I meant to answer you on that! LOVE "Fairytale of New York" so much! I think I read that comment in the heat of getting the ARCs ready. Yes. What a song. Lots of people love it here but you don't hear it often (or often enough for my tastes). That should change.

And you won't believe this but my husband may like Wizzard's "I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day" as much or more than Slade's yuletide hit. We listen to that every year, too! He may have to weigh in here to settle the question.

Paper crowns 4evr! I always get a little toy called "The Mystery Calculator" in whatever cracker I pull. It's a very strange little gewgaw but it suits my particular interests.

Chris said...

Hi all, this is Alysia's husband, here to resolve the important British Christmas Music question of Slade v. Wizzard.


It comes down to volume, both the decibel- and quantity- type. Slade is louder, and has not one song but an entire Christmas party album, "Crackers," which is in heavy iPod rotation the last six weeks of the year at Casa Painter.

Please know this was the hardest decision I made today.


Kelly said...

Hi Chris! I would also probably go with Slade if forced to choose. Christmas hasn't officially begun until "Merry Xmas Everybody" is played and everyone joins in with the "It's Chriiiiiiistmas!!" yell at the beginning.

I am ashamed to admit I had no idea there was a whole Slade Christmas party album called Crackers. I now feel like a sub-standard British person and Christmas enthusiast. I will have to seek the album out and rectify this situation immediately!

Alysia what's a mystery calculator? It sounds fun. I usually seem to get a mini screwdriver set, which I love, but somehow always lose before the end of Christmas lunch.

Chris said...

Kelly, glad I could help expand your holiday discography. My work here is done!
(Throws down smoke bomb, escapes before cloud disperses)

Wilfair Book said...

Dramatic exit, Chris!

Kelly, here's a look at the Mystery Calculator: http://choi.site88.net/

I always lose my toy before I stand from the table, too. Or I end up with someone else's. Debate ensues, and possibly some crawling under chairs, searching for missing bits.

Kelly said...

Ha love the dramatic exit!

The mystery calculator looks great. I did a unit at uni on problem solving with binary arithmetic, so I would have totally geeked out if I'd found one of these in my cracker!

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