I realized, as I was re-reading "Stay Awhile," that I have a little pops-with-joy-o-sity meter I keep close by as I write. Scenes and exchanges and moments, for me, need to pop with joy in the Wilfair world. A fizzy, effervescent feeling is my goal, throughout. I want these books to be a happy escape and a sweet keep for hope.

All moments can't pop, of course, and there are sad times and weird times, too. But when an exchange rolls around that should be joyful or twisty-of-stomach, I want the pops-with-joy-o-sity meter to ping hard.

Like, I want the meter's glass to nearly shatter. I'll push a scene to the edge of feel-good acceptability and sprinkle it in gumdrops and grab a blow dryer to heat it something fierce. Then I'll swab the whole thing in rubber cement and drop two heaping handfuls of sequins directly over it. After that goes the cherry, and on top of that, another. If I have a few unicorn stickers nearby, those'll go on, too. And, for the big finish? Glitter is thrown absolutely everywhere.

I'm shameless. I'm a glutton. And I'm only getting worse.

Thank goodness my awesome editor's two favorite words are "too much."


Kelly said...

Consider pops-with-joy-o-sity meter offically added to my lexicon!

When it comes to glitter and sequins, there is no such thing as too much as far as I'm concerned. I have often been described as a magpie since I'm so attracted to shiny things, and if I see a sequinned dress/shoes/handbag while out shopping I inadvertantly break out a weird gollum kind of voice (it's my precious, I wants it!) until someone leads me away

Wilfair Book said...

Kelly! You just cited two of my favorite things: magpies and Gollum. (In fact, I have a Gollum-themed post waiting in the queue.)

Also, there's a Wilfair magpie box in my closet. It's the place I throw stuff that reminds me of the stories or might inspire me.


I *do not* use my beak or claws to place objects in the box, but if you'd like to picture me placing articles in the box in that manner you certainly may!

Kelly said...

Ooh can't wait for Gollum post!

Magpie boxes are such a great idea. I'm definitely going to start one. I'm already a total hoarder, and this gives me a great excuse to find a pretty box and hoard more lovely things in it!

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