Smokestack Socks

Here's a photo of me, or, um, my legs, impersonating the famous Queen Mary smokestacks. (So would that be im-leg-anating?)

The historic ocean-liner is permanently docked here in Southern California, and it is beautiful. People sometimes think "Titanic" was filmed aboard, but it wasn't. Still, they look quite similar, the movie ship and the real ship here in Long Beach.

It's a hotel now, and it is a hotel that influences the Wilfair books. The Queen Mary's famous ghost, by the way, haunts the hauntingly beautiful first-class swimming pool.

I'm especially fond of its signature coral-red smokestacks. The ship sells socks in the gift shop that look like the smokestacks. I had to get them, given their sheer whimsy. Then I implored my husband to climb to the top of the ship and take a photo of my legs in front of the smokestacks.

Wouldn't you? I know you would!

We had quite the modeling session, to the amusement (and confusement) of passers-by.


Erika said...

your smokestack appears to be upside down, to which I say, go home leg smoke stacks, you're drunk.


Wilfair Book said...

Ha ha ha ha!

We took some right side up pics but they didn't have quite the same zing.

kitzie said...

I'm awfully impressed with your pointe. Those are some beautiful feet. I'm going to guess you are a natural because the classically trained ballet dancer would have found it impossible to avoid fifth position. ;)

Also, I adore interesting socks. My personal current faves: redwoods.

wealhtheow said...

Kitzie, I too have redwood socks!! Interesting socks are my favorite. I have a pair of dragon socks I love.

Wilfair Book said...

Ladies! Do you know about Sock Dreams? It's a mondo super sock store out of Portland. You will love the quality and quirkiness of the merch, promise. I got to visit the mothership a few years ago and I literally stroked every sock in the shop. It was magical.

Wait, redwood socks? This may not shock you, but I rather like those particular trees. Must search now.

Thanks also for the compliment, kitzie. I absolutely love to dance but I'm very much the enthusiastic amateur. LOTS of get-up-and-go, far less coordination and grace.

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