My mom is a master knitter. The items you see on the front of the knitting magazines? No problem for my main lady.

I'm very lucky that I always get a few gorgeous wearables at the holidays. But this year she outdid herself. Yep, she decided to make me a snood.

The pattern turned out to be quite complicated and she didn't finish in time. But here it is, still on the needles and looking perfectly diaphanous.

(With a cameo by my parents' Golden Retriever, who, in the tradition of Fair Finley, is named after a street.)


Chiara said...

My first reaction to this was, DOGGIE!!! However that's awesome of your mom to make you an actual snoot!

Wilfair Book said...

Chiara, this dog is THE SWEETEST. But I have to say Golden Retrievers are a sweet breed, through and through. Never met one with attitude.

The snood is awesome! So is my mom!

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