Stay Awhile

I'm in the mood to Polyvore "Stay Awhile" this morning. Oh yes I am, world!

So here it is. No spoilers, promise. I already mentioned there's a dog in it, and baguettes make a cameo. And the green shag rug? It's on the cover.

A few of the things are mentioned in passing; a few things take up more book (and psychic) space.

Stay Awhile


Chiara said...

That's Rock Star soap from Lush! I'm so excited there's a dog, I kind of had forgotten until I saw the picture there. Also, I want those glasses.

Wilfair Book said...

Lush!!!! I didn't know that when I chose the pic. But now I like it more.

bess said...

What is Rock Star soap? Will I feel badass if I wash in it? I could use that some mornings. I like Lush's bath bombs but I've never seen this - possibly life changing - soap.

Anonymous said...

When when WHEN can I get my hands on "Stay Awhile"? Will it be released in early December 2012 (like tomorrow?) or in late December (like on New Year's Eve)? I can't wait to read it!
/Anna from Sweden

Wilfair Book said...

Hi Anna! I'm going to be posting about that in a few days. You must have read my mind; I decided the date(s) I'd send out the ARCs this afternoon.

Thinking mid-December. :)

Were you the anonymous poster a few posts down who wanted an ARC? No worries either way, I just want to make sure I'm keeping track of who wants one.

Sweden! Hooray! One of my pals teaches composition in Vasastan. I'd love to visit. I hear nothing but wonderful things.

Chiara said...

Alysia: Yay!

Bess: Rock Star soap is actually really sweet, like possibly mind-numbing sweet. It is pink after all ;) But it's awesome, I absolutely love it, smells like vanilla. Really sweet vanilla. If you ever used the Creamy Candy bubble bar they have, it's the same smell. I don't remember at the moment if there's a bath bomb in the same line.

Anonymous said...

I was not the anonymous poster who wanted an ARC (BUT if I was lucky enough to get my hands on one, I'd be the happiest girl in the world! Nothing beats having a great romance/suspense novel to read during christmas vacations!). And you should definitely come to Sweden! Stockholm (and especially Vasastan) is a lovely place to visit during late spring/early summer, it's very romantic and inspirational and lively that time of year. I'm sure you'd love it :)!

Jamila said...

"Stay Awhile by agraypainter featuring britney spears"

Featuring Britney Spears??? LOL! Uh, sure, she fits right in.

So excited for Stay Awhile!

Erika said...

Is there a removal of hair pins by Gomery? That would be tingle inspiring.

Also dog!! How did I not remember that either?

wealhtheow said...

oh my. Gomery and Fair and hair pin removal!!! Excuse me for a moment while I collect myself.

And is that a tar bubble I see down there in the corner? I am massively excited for this book.

Wilfair Book said...

Chiara: I'm seriously buying that soap soon. ♥ vanilla ♥

Anna: Nice to meet you! Thanks for the good word on Vasastan. So want to go. (And watch this space for ARC details over the next week!)

Jamila: Ha ha ha ha, I didn't even see that! And usually I'm all over the little unseen stuff. Wouldn't that be a shocker if Ms. Spears *was* in this book? Big twist. There's a big dance number at the end.

Erika: La la la la. I can't answer that one way or another. I can say that a bobby pin is used for something very specific, and not anything that's normally in the bobby pin realm, and if you guess it, I will happily re-snickerdoodle you. But don't guess it. Hang tight. It's coming!

wealhtheow: Hi. I read your official line again yesterday, the-line-wealhtheow-will-probably-be-suspicious-over, and had a warm thought of you.

Wilfair Book said...

And in other bobby pin news...

I just got the poster for "Stay Awhile" from my wonderful designer this morning! And it is related to a bobby pin moment. And I almost just posted it out of excitement, but I will after everyone is well-ARC'd. I don't want to tip my hand on anything because that's no fun.

I also asked her to wait on posting it at her Etsy page, should you go snooping for it. (I'm a Class A, I-wanna-know snooper myself.)

But it is a BEAUTY. Just what I wanted. It will really complement her first two posters, too.

You guys, I'm just sick with excitement!

wealhtheow said...

Yay! I can haz an official line! Is better than cheezburger!!

Chiara said...

Alysia: Get it! You won't regret it. Sweet vanilla and an awesomely creamy soap.

Yay for the poster! Can't wait!

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