Sutton Christmas Party by Erika

Very colorful and ka-pow, like Sutton Von Hunt. Thanks, Erika, for Polyvoring an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party outfit our Farmers Market fruitcheress! And the sand snowman is perfectly LA.

Erika says on her page: "Apparently she is obsessed with snowmen and she is the only one who would bring the old children little gifts from the farmers market"

True that.



Erika said...

I had to put a sand-man in, it's a staple of an LA christmas :)

As for the other snowmen, I have no excuse. They just kept cropping up.

bess said...

I have never heard of a sandman but I guess it makes sense where there's sand but no snow! What would the equivalent of Frosty be? Toasty?

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