On Matters of Sexiness

There is no sex-having in the Wilfair world.

Is there a lot of warm-blooded daydreaming and crushy long looks and the accidental touching of backs of hands?

Indeed. Big yes.  

Books one, two, and three are fairly tame on the physical front, less tame on the thinking-about-someone-you-like-and-showing-them front. Evening gloves being peeled off by the person not wearing the evening gloves, and so forth. Lots of that. Too much of that, maybe.

In short, one of my aims with these books is to summon the sexiness of sex without the sex.

I would love to see more of that in the entertainment I consume, especially more stories set in the modern era. I know they're being dreamed up, written, and filmed, stories that are both modern and modest, and big props to those people. But I still want more of less.

More of less! My new rallying cry.

Perhaps that's one reason I'm writing these stories. Why can't the before-time be important, deep, and fun in its own right? Why all the rush-rush through that part? It is delicious.

(Also, I'm not sure I even like the term "before-time." It's just a time, right? Not predicated on anything that may or may not come?)

Oh, look at the late hour. Me and my time machine gotta zoom back to 1871. Thanks as always for stopping by!

* I'm going to put a potentially tantalizing and/or controversial asterisk here and say this: If I were to write these books for a good long stretch, like, for years and years, I would like to reserve the right to come back and amend this post. No plans in the works, but, well, you know, um, hemming, hawing...


myrandaroyann said...

Let's try this again (I lost my comment):
I'm not gonna lie, I love steamy romance novels. ;) But I love your books and I think that you do an excellent job "summoning the sexiness of sex without the sex." I think that's what I love about YA novels and your books. It seems like the "warm fuzzies", etc...are more intense in YA.
Now I want to share a picture that I have wanted to share since I found your blog right after finishing Redwoodian:
or this one:
I think you can make a guess my feeling the entire last part of the book. ;)

Wilfair Book said...

Those made me smile! Yes. Now kiss.

I am 100% pro-steamy, and I want the books to be positive about sex and not like "oh, ick ick ick!" Even if there's not much physical stuff afoot.

It's a fine line to tread and one I take seriously.

bess said...

There are so many wonderful novels that are very romantic without sex in them, some of my favorites in fact. I'd rather have a lushly romantic book with characters whose lives I'm invested in than explicit sex. There are ways of alluding to it without getting specific but I agree that this can be tricky in YA Lit. I have been known to indulge in a romance novel or two so it's not that I'm opposed to it - it's all a matter of what fits.

bess said...

Pro-Steamy! I love it. Me too. Maybe you should do a post on favorite romantic/love scenes that are steamy with being, you know, STEAMY.

Wilfair Book said...

That is a great idea, Bess. Watch for it! I'll give you a shout-out, too, for the suggestion.

Definitely agreed: There are many, many books doing just this, and Wilfair is way down on that long list. I just love things that move at a syrup-y clip, and I love for that to happen in modern stories, and I greedily want more of those.

Chiara said...

The journey and the "before-time" is awesome and I think it's great it's dealt with so heavily in these books, I like it, it's refreshing that there hasn't even been a kiss yet! While there has definitely been attraction and non-sex sexiness. Character-wise and story-wise it wouldn't fit if there had already been sex in the wonderful world of Wilfair in my opinion.

Wilfair Book said...

Thanks for weighing in, Chiara! It's an interesting topic to me, regardless of where people stand on it and what they like, so I'm always keen to hear what others think.

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