The Two Reasons I Blog

1. To meet, talk with, and enjoy people. I realize that sounds like a peppy early 1980s promotional video -- "Learn How to Meet, Talk With, and Enjoy People!!!" -- but I do. If you've been coming here for a bit, you know I really, really like this, perhaps a little too much. Let's just be honest here.

2. To extend the Wilfair world. When I read something I connect with, or see a film or show, I want that world extended and filled out beyond the experience I enjoyed. I want to know what the people are doing outside the story, and about the city they live in, and what they're into. I have oodles of ideas for the Wilfair universe beyond what is in the books, and I like exploring them here.

And may I add that some of those ideas are slight, and some not, but a blog makes a perfect vehicle for wispier notions, I find. Though I treat the blog seriously, of course. It's my time, and yours, too, if you're visiting. (Thank you!)
That's pretty much it. Those two reasons. I'm not sure I use this blog as a promotional thing, although people can certainly find links to the books if they want to. Truth be told, I haven't done hardly any promotion of the books, save sending them to a review site or two. (Including Forever Young Adult, which as I mentioned a few posts down was the true launchpad for these books.)

Not that I don't want people reading them, because I do, and I don't mind telling people about them. I'll step that up soon, putting the word out. But my attention right now is on writing the books, and enjoying the readers who have found them.

So if you've found me, and "Wilfair," and you liked it, and "Redwoodian," then you're in on our little secret. I love little secrets. Well, positive little secrets, not negative little secrets, I should say.

That said, putting the books out there in a bigger way is definitely on my to-do list. I fell down a hole -- a happy hole -- with "Stay Awhile" these past eight months. And this blog, too. Those were the places I wanted to put my love and attention and commitment, fully, because I'm all in or I'm not on something. (It took a few years, and some trial and error, for me to realize this is a pretty solid life plan. Being all in or not at all. Nothing halfsies.)

Also? I like the three words "a happy hole" together, I won't lie. Not to be randy or anything. If I had a donut shop that's what I'd name it. The Happy Hole.

That's it. Thanks for coming by, thanks for chatting with me about '70s man hair, '80s music videos, Gomery's pants, and your favorite cheese dips, and thanks for letting me extend a world that starts in the books and continues here at this site. Your contributions mean much!

And there's lots more to share ahead, believe it. Stay tuned.

High fiving you with enthusiasm,


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