Tyme Is Swift

Here's a gorgeous vintage shot of Farmers Market, Sutton Von Hunt's workplace.

It's a beaut, but check out that painted motto near the center: "Eat Well and Be Merrie for Tyme Is Swift."

That patio is still there, but the motto isn't. Still, I keep these words in my heart whenever I'm at the historic public market, a place I often think of as LA's communal table. I'm usually there with friends and we do indeed eat well, raise a few glasses, and have some laughs.

I'm taking that spirit of friendship and embracing-the-moment-ness into the new year and wishing the same for you.


Carly said...

Okay, I've never been to Farmer's Market so I could be way off; but in "Wilfair" Sutton mentions a balcony there that is her favorite make-out spot. Is that balcony in the picture THE balcony? Totally off-topic I know - just curious, lol.

Wilfair Book said...


I nearly put that in the post but it was such a sweet-natured post that I thought I'd save that particularly saucy revelation for later.

As your bf Monty says, you nailed it!

Wilfair Book said...

P.S. When are you going to visit Farmers Market? We will have lunch by that balcony!

Carly said...

I will definitely be making time for a visit - maybe in the spring after I finish this semester? I'm so excited to meet you for reals!

Also? "Monty's GF" is totally going on my tombstone someday.

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