Beyond-the-Book Writing Idols

I almost called this post "Non-Writing Writing Idols" but when I thought of the first person I wanted to talk about I realized he is most definitely a writer. And not just a writer but the legendary writer of Bo-flipping-hemian Rhap-omg-sody. 

So I'm going to call these posts -- I'll probably do a few of 'em -- "Beyond-the-Book Writing Idols." The theme? Those people I'm inspired by who've excelled in areas beyond books. (I certainly have many traditional authors I idolize, and I loved on a few earlier this month. And, honest, a whole week of posts solely about Lucy Maud Montgomery is likely ahead.)

But I want to talk about Freddie Mercury today, because I'm particularly sweet on him. Not just because I'm a huge Queen fan, but because the man had a majorness about him.

And whenever I feel like I need to be a little bigger to match a potentially meaningful moment in the Wilfair books, I really do picture how that beautiful, big-of-spirit man used to stand on stage with the mic, confident, shoulders back, fist sometimes pumped, sequin jumpsuit a-sparkle, singing. He was a true master of owning a moment. He rocked a rare mix of theatricality and fun, too.

I sometimes summon the memory of Mr. Mercury whenever I write a Fair Finley yelling scene. I think about how big and how emotional he'd make a song. Very, very big is the answer, and I try to bring a similar bigness of emotion to the Wilfair world.

His stance below? This is my confident writing Freddie pose, at least in my head, even though I'm likely hunched over the keyboard, typing away.

Favorite Queen song: "Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy" (it's a Gomery song, of course).


Kelly said...

My whole family are big big music fans, and my house growing up was almost never quiet, someone always had music blaring. Nursery rhyme tapes and kid friendly music were not really an option as far as my parents were concerned, we would listen to their music or nothing at all, so I knew the words to a whole bunch of Queen songs by the time I was two or three.

Freddie Mercury has always been such a huge inspiration to me. I cant think of anyone with more power and presence on stage. He seemed to have a gift for absolutely inhabiting a moment, just totally owning it and throwing everything at it every time he was on stage, but in a way that's inclusive somehow - it invites you in and makes you feel like you might be able to take a little bit of that spirit away with you.

Not sure that really makes sense! But anyway, yes, HUGE fan.

I remember deciding when I was about 8 that I wanted to write him a fan letter, and my mum having to explain that he had died a few years earlier. I was so upset I cried for days, and my poor mum had to keep attempting to explain to people what was wrong with me!

Wilfair Book said...

Kelly, I love-love this comment! What's your favorite Queen song?

Your house must rule. Slade, Wizzard, and Queen? Please. I want to be there.

Yeah, I grew up with older brothers who were into music even a little older than they were. So we always had great tunes rockin' the house. Cheers to your parents.

The story of you wanting to write Freddie a fan letter makes my heart twist. Awww. He kind of summoned that feeling in so many people. I remember watching a documentary and it said that, even when he was quite sick, he'd still have friends over and host gatherings and just had this really generous spirit. I believe it. That always came through on stage. I agree with your word "inclusive."

One quick story. So my husband and I were near our place in LA, oh, like three years ago maybe, and we see a guy with curly hair in front of us. And I whispered "that looks like Brian May!" And then the guy turned around and and and and



That is all. Still haven't quite recovered.

Now tell me your favorite Queen song! I'm also very partial to "You're My Best Friend" and "Don't Stop Me Now" and "Someone to Love" and "Teo Torriatte." The list, she is long.

Kelly said...

Yeah music is such a big part of my life now, it's one of the things I'm most grateful to my parents for - getting me into it so early on.

I cant believe you saw Brian May! So exciting. I don't get star struck all that easily, but I'm pretty sure if I saw Brian May I would totally freak out.

Choosing a favourite queen song is so so hard! I'm having to resist listing half their back-catalogue, but I'll go for Somebody To Love, or maybe Save Me.

Wilfair Book said...

Solid song choices. And forgive me typing "Somebody to Love" incorrectly. It is a very, very fine song.

Listing half of anyone's back catalogue is most welcome 'round the Wilfair world. You have my encouragement and admiration in this regard. In short, go for it, whenever you feel like it.

What are the new things you're listening to now?

Kelly said...

Didn't even notice the Somebody to Love mistype! I probably became distracted by singing to myself at just the notion of that song!

I've a few new albums in heavy rotation recently, as it's been busy at work, and headphones and loud music on always helps me concentrate.

This weeks playlist:
Jake Bugg
Everything Everything
Django Unchained soundtrack

How about you? I always love new music suggestions!

Wilfair Book said...

"Django Unchained" -- YES. What a soundtrack.

Also, Christoph Waltz. That is all. I want to write a Wilfair person who could potentially be played by Christoph Waltz one day in a film. Dreaming! Dreaming. But, you know, living in Hollywood, I can't help it. I do daydream, a little.

And Everything Everything! I'm a fan.

Will give Jake Bugg a listen.

I've been in sort of a vague electronica cloud over the last year. Not totally, but.

Hmm. Really like Hot Chip.

My pal Amanda's band AmA has been on the rise around LA. She just sang the theme to an Eddie Izzard show, too, so I'm excited for her. I can't imagine a harder business to break into than music.

This song has been in my head all week:

Wilfair Book said...

Posted my comment too quickly. I also wanted to say that some of my best music suggestions these days are coming from readers 'round this blog! So thanks, nice friends!

Kelly said...

That 'Love is all I got' song is great. It's been stuck in my head all afternoon, which I'm very grateful for since this morning I had frosty the snowman stuck in my head for some reason!

Christoph Waltz is the best! He just seems like the nicest guy. Have you seen the Zach Galifianakis 'Between two ferns' interview? Made me chuckle.

Wilfair Book said...

I JUST watched that "Between Two Ferns" yesterday! Ha ha ha ha ha.

He does seem like the nicest guy. Agree.

Kelly, I've read your grocery store fortune and shall post it soon. The future looks bright for you!

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