I haven't had the flu for many years, thank goodness, but that all changed last week.

What made it especially difficult was that we were on the road for Christmas. And if one must be sick it is best to be sick in one's own bed.

What also made it difficult is my husband got the flu, too. He started down the green-gilled path exactly one day before I did. And in true Gomery-ish spirit, he did every task I couldn't with a cheerful "but I'm a day ahead of you on this flu," as if a mere 24 hours had given him the gift of total wellness. (Basic tasks, like finding my shoes or unzipping my jacket. Ugh. You've been at that point of exhaustion, right?)

But I'd always get to the next day, not feeling that much better, and I'd know the truth about him being way ahead of me on the feeling-better front: He was fibbing. :)

But we're better -- ish -- now, and I thank you for your patience. I fear rereading some of my posts from the last week, because I'm sure they'll be all !@*(asdh(*. (Nonsensical, in other words.) Some were written ahead of time, I should add, though some were sent out through bleary eyes. Must. Tend. To. Blog. Love. My. Readers. Blog. Alysia. Damn it. Blog!

Also, there's a total overuse of smileys. I admit it. I'm overusing them in this post, in fact.

(Unrelated question: Is it weird to crave salty foods following the flu? I think it must be a dehydration thing.)

This doesn't really tie to the Wilfair world at all, but it does make me think of a choice I didn't make (though I may one day). If characters have a head cold in a book or film, or the flu, it tends to play into the story somehow. But lots of us have colds and the flu during pretty average days of our lives.

It occurred to me, when I started these stories, that it might be interesting to have someone fall in love while they have a nasty head cold. Surely people do.

Would it be attractive to have Fair sniffling wetly at Gomery, though? Hmm.

There is one exception to this, that I've seen, and that's the film version of "Howard's End." Emma Thompson's character starts off with a cold, but it isn't really explained or related to anything. I think the Merchant-Ivory team said they gave her character a cold because they wanted the scenes to feel more normal and real and everyday. I've searched for the exact quote but am coming up a bit empty-handed.

Then again, I am just coming off the flu, so please forgive me. :)


Caitlin said...

If people fall in love in aisle seven next to the frozen peas, then why not also when they have a cold? :) A friend of mine once told me that she first knew she really loved her boyfriend (now husband) when he was sick and she still wanted to be with him.

Glad to hear you're feeling better!

Wilfair Book said...

Love it, Caitlin! My pal has a similar story, too. Touches me.

It *is* wintertime in the Wilfair world. Someone might yet get the sniffles. Thank goodness there are two kitchens nearby -- the 500 Dip Bar and the Motel Fairwil diner -- where soup can be made.

Plus the Mmm Mmm Cafe next door, of course.

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