Color is very much associated with some of my favorite stories and characters. Superman has his blue stretchy suit and red cape. Anne Shirley's house is Green Gables. And the polka-dotted leopard from "Put Me in the Zoo" by Robert Lopshire is one of my favorite childhood book friends. (His dots are blue, green, and red.)

When I started "Wilfair" I thought ahead to the covers. I wanted to associate each book with a particular hue that would appear in or was related to the story somehow.

"Wilfair" is orange, for its citrus, sunshine, and sequins.

"Redwoodian" is the brown of tree trunks, pinecones, and fireplace logs.

"Stay Awhile"? Well, I've mentioned there's green shag rug in it, which won't spoil anything if you haven't read it. If I were to look deeper, as I like to do, I would also call green symbolic of growing, alive, wild things.

And the blue on the "Fairwil" cover? It represents the motel pool, of course.

When I think down the road, to any more stories I might do, I think in cover color, too. Although I might mix it up a little, while staying true to most of the elements that now exist. (There's already a secret cover for a potential secret fifth book that I may think about doing one day. Shhh. Don't tell anyone. One hint, though: The title is a hotel name.)

Above all, I wanted the Wilfair covers to be bright, colorful, and cheerful. I'm so happy with them. Thank you, Michelle Baird. You are wonderful.

What's your favorite color? I have two, brown and blue, which, coincidentally, are the two colors mentioned in "Tupelo Honey," one of my favorite love songs. I like those hues because they look like earth and sky when placed together.


Caitlin said...

My favorite color is aubergine/eggplant purple. I have a wool coat in that color and it is my favorite piece of clothing ever. Second is emerald green. I just found out it is the Pantone color of 2013 and I am unreasonably excited about that. I want everything on this page, please and thank you:

I like red and blue, too. Basically, I like strong colors. No pastels.

myrandaroyann said...

My favorite color is purple! I love all of the shades but especially the darker hues. My purse, backpack, phone case, old kindle cover, and more are all purple!

Wilfair Book said...

Caitlin: The word "aubergine" is like one of my favorite words ever. And it is such a specific purple, too. And it goes well with the kelly greens, totally. Thank you for citing it.

Also, that site. Gurgle. I think you know my feelings.

Also, pastels. Amen.

myranda: Love the p love! There's a lady who lives in the Bay Area who famously wears all purple and drives a purple car and has a license plate indicating her devotion to purple. We ran into her years ago at a gas station. When she stepped out of her car I was worried that she'd be in blue or yellow but nope. Head-to-toe lavender.

Love the commitment!

Chiara said...

I've always loved blue, I already loved it when I still pronounced it wrong. Not that I remember but I've been told so. In the past years I've also gotten to love purple. I also kinda like red.

I love how you chose the book covers. I'd like to add "hope" for green, which I can also see in the book. And I'm now looking at what colors stand for to see how the others fit in with that but I think I need to think a bit about this. Here's a nice site about color symbolism if anybody is interested :)

Wilfair Book said...

Chiara: That site is interesting. I guess we're all a little bit of every color at some point or another, but maybe we're drawn to whatever we most identify with. Perhaps that's why I love brown so much. Brown's main quality is earthiness, and I feel pretty down-to-earth, generally. (Also, my dream is to live in a Hobbit house one day, which is just about as earthy as one can get.)

Are you more light or dark blue?

Chiara said...

I know right? I love stuff like that. It's interesting to realize that sometimes some colors are in some places are chosen for a particular reason.

I saw a site a couple of days ago about people who made Hobbit houses. Or something like that. I don't exactly remember but I think it was about an architect who builds houses close to nature.

I love all kinds of blue but as a kid I was particular fond of cobalt for some reason, it was my most used crayon in my crayon box.

Wilfair Book said...

Chiara: I had a certain idea of cobalt in my mind but I Googled it to make sure I was on track. It's a very bold blue. So many blues are so soft and passive. Not a bad thing, but I like a blue with a bit of pow.

It's funny that you remember it was your most used crayon! Sharp memory.

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