Vintage penny arcade machines that purport to measure your talent with l'amour? Seriously, my delight is boundless in this arena.

They're a bit of a fixture here in California, both on our saltier boardwalks and at the amazing, amazing, amazing Musée Méchanique in San Francisco. The musée is a Pacific-close pavilion that houses dozens of hundred-year-old amusement machines that require only a coin and your attention.

(Three amazings are required for this place, truly.)

I want the Finley family to buy a hotel where the lobby is full of these things, all lit up and buzzing and bulb-blinky.

By the way, "neck," as in "to neck," is one of my top ten favorite words. Neck. Necker. Necking. Necked. 

So quaint, and yet so clearly to the point. One doesn't always get that in a single word.


bess said...

Musée Méchanique is so much fun though I came close to hurting myself wrestling the mechanical arm-wrestler. Have you seen the über-creepy "Laughing Sal"? shudders.

I'm also a fan of necking. Both the word and the activity ;).

Wilfair Book said...

Bess, it does not surprise me that you've been to this magical place.

Sal! She haunts my dreams sometimes. In good ways and other ways.

In case anyone else here wants to meet the famous Laffing Sal, there's video:

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