Monty by Carly

This is a post I'm sweet on, because the comments make me so mirthful. I thought we could all use a bit of cheer, heading into the weekend, so I'm revisiting...


Our own Carly has been a big Monty Overbove supporter from day one. Just about the time I was secretly worried that a certain cords-wearing guy and a frosting-loving lady would hog readers' fancies (something I want, of course, but not totally, of course), Carly came by the blog and started mentioning Monty a lot. Like, in every other comment. 


When I spoke of last year's intangible gifts from deep in my flu haze earlier this week? Carly's support on all matters of Monty was certainly a big gift.

I have a soft spot for all the people of Wilfair -- shocker, right? -- but Montgomery Y. Overbove pretty much really exists out in the world on his own. I'm always half-afraid he'll run off and start his own book, starring himself. 

He probably won't, because he's committed to his cousin. Monty is frankly tired of the world seeing Gomery as this pathetic working stiff who labors at the Motel Fairwil front desk every Friday night. He's intent on seeing his cousin get a life.

All that said, Carly has nicely cared for Monty. Over the holidays she sent me an image of a very handsome gentleman by the name of Colton Haynes.

Carly writes: ...I'm trying to get a mental picture here. Would you consider the attached dude to be Monty-esque in appearance? Pretty sure Monty has dark eyes, I close at all...

Wilfair people, what say you? I know my Monty, and you know yours. Mr. Haynes would be in my ballpark. Though in the very, very, very early days of the first book I cast Lee Pace as Monty, but by the time he's out stretched on the diving board, talking about the tar bubble with Fair, Monty had become fully himself and no one else.

Anyway. HI, Colton Haynes:


Carly said...

Oh, Lee Pace is great! Especially if he's got some scruff goin' on in the jaw much the better;)

I think part of why I like Monty so much is that in real life I am pretty shy and seem to always be drawn to people who are really warm and outgoing, ya know? And especially people who make me laugh.

Wilfair Book said...

Carly! You don't seem shy to me! Well, you never have to be shy here. You are warm and outgoing, too.

Jaw scruff. <3

Wilfair Book said...

Lee Pace jaw scruff.

Caitlin said...

Ohhhh, that's a very good Monty. I approve.

Funny you brought up Lee Pace, because in my mind...he's Thurs!

Lee Pace. LEE PACE. Sigh. Now I know what I'll be thinking about the rest of the day.

Wilfair Book said...

Lee Pace is a GREAT Thurs, actually! Wow. Now I need to think about that.

Ha ha ha. You made my morning, Caitlin.

Amanda W said...

Funny story (and I tried to post this once already, so apologies if it posts twice). Hubby and I went to see The Hobbit, and as we're sitting through the credits, Hubby says: "Oh look, Lee Pace. I knew him in high school."

What?!? Hubby has secret famous friends/acquaintances.

Wilfair Book said...

Amanda, this is so strange. I was JUST thinking of dropping you a line this weekend! Would you like an ARC of the new book? Drop me an email if so!

As for your hubby, that is awesome. I meet some interesting people here in LA, and being the tried-and-true fangirl I am, I would love to make mention here. But I also don't want to be Ms. Annoying Name-Dropper. It's a bad habit I have to fight.

BTW, I had no idea that was Lee Pace in "The Hobbit"! My husband and I stayed through the credits and we both went "Lee Pace?!" aloud when his name came up. I want to see it again.

Wilfair Book said...

What I didn't say in my comment about being a fangirl is your husband's cooler, calmer route regarding celebrity is clearly the one I should work on taking. And I do, daily. :)

kitzie said...

I think this guy makes a great Monty. Better than the one in my heart of hearts, which I'll say and you all can laugh at: a young Greg Kinear. Btw, I googled that and couldn't find an image of him looking younger than 30, so it's completely how I imagine him to look young.

Stay Awhile also really cemented how I see Gomery, which is off topic, so I'll wait til we're talking about it. (Even though. Gah. Waiting.)

Wilfair Book said...

I heart G.K.! I have to go find a young pic now. Seriously know that I support you in this mental picture of Monty, though.

I want to hear why you think that about Gomery. Of all the "Stay Awhile" arcs, I probably fussed over Gomery's, mmm. Maybe not the most, but close to the most.

Gah. Waiting. Agreed.

bess said...

I love this conversation! And very funny because Lee Pace (with glasses) is how I picture Gomery. I picture Monty as a broader figure such as Jensen Acktles a la Supernatural.

kitzie said...

If you do want to know... :) My mental image of Gomery was always a little fuzzy before. I sort of saw him as a mix between the two Flight of the Conchords guys during the first two books. A bit more Jemaine than Bret.

But about a third of the way through Stay Awhile (perhaps due to getting to know him better?) I just KNEW the right casting (looks and even demeanor) for Gomery was Clark Kent specifically played by Christopher Reeve. His quiet moments, his warm moments, his formal addresses, his glasses. Swoon.

And also, thanks for not laughing at GK. I also love him, but he's much less glam than this Colton Haynes kid looks.

Wilfair Book said...

kitzie, you could not have known this but I actually have a Christopher Reeve post ahead. I'm wild about C.R. and specifically the first two "Superman" films. They really inspired these books, too. When I think of Fair coming out of the pool all soaked I sometimes think of Superman and Lois talking on her balcony in the first film, before they go flying.

I don't think the conversations have anything to do with each other, but I think I did listen to "Can Your Read My Mind?" which is the love theme from "Superman."

Yeah, I love that film and Mr. Reeve.

(A bit more Jemaine than Bret. Ha ha ha!)

Wilfair Book said...

bess: When Forever Young Adult reviewed "Wilfair" they (meaning the delightful Erin) cast Jensen Ackles as Gomery, funny enough, and Jared Padalecki as Monty. I don't know "Supernatural" extremely well, but those guys would probably be reversed for me if they were cast as the Wilfair cousins (meaning you're right: Jensen Ackles for Monty).

Wilfair Book said...

Christopher Reeve. Just had to visit his IMDB page. What a man.

Wilfair Book said...

Okay, one more. Margot Kidder is just a gorgeous Lois Lane. Her soft upswept hair in this film makes my knees goo, and her chiffon dress, too:

I'm seriously going to sleep now.

kitzie said...

Oooohhhh, Jensen Ackles is also a great Monty choice! I'd want him to put a little more pep into the role than he usually does though.

Did you also see this IMDB CR pic that screams "Where's the diving board?" and notice those forearms and wrist bone bumps:

Wilfair Book said...

You're magic, kitzie. Christopher Reeve in a swimming pool? HOW? How did you find that?

Wrist bone bumps. Believe me, I Googled what those were called, but I figured Fair would probably think of them as "wrist knobs," so that's what they became.

Caitlin said...

Hee! I love this thread. :)

For me, Gomery has been played by Christopher Gorham since about day one. A quick Google search just now turned up this, which I submit for your consideration:

Mentally add glasses, and bam. I did also like Alysia's suggestion awhile back of Ben Whishaw as Q in Skyfall, who I think is in the same ballpark.

Carly said...

Caitlin! I love Christopher Gorham! He's great. Did you ever watch "Ugly Betty?" He was on there for a while and played an adorkable accountant with glasses. He spent most of the show dressed in argyle sweaters and stuff like that, but then at some point it was revealed that he was, underneath all those layers, pretty BUILT, if ya know what I'm sayin', lol. Anywhoozle, I support him as a possible Gomery.

Wilfair Book said...

Carly: "Anywhoozle"? Get out to LA at once so I can hug you! Or this spring! Are you ready for your Wilshire-Fairfax photo???

Caitlin: I knew Christopher Gorham but just spent the last few minutes with my bff Google. Uh, 100% patootie! Support your casting. His wife is beautiful, too. Cute couple.

C.G.'s hair on his new show, which is longer than his "Ugly Betty" hair, is kind of perfect, too. It's got a bit of Jim from "The Office" to it but I like John Krasinski.

Ben Whishaw was someone on my periphery when I saw "Skyfall" and posted that post. I knew he was in "Bright Star," which is in my to-watch queue, but didn't know much beyond that. He did indeed look *very* Gomery to me in the Bond film.

As luck would have it, some BBC American channel surfing in December led me to "The Hour," his new show. I've been thinking about posting about it, because I'm kind of obsessed with it right now.

It's set in a workplace where the woman is in charge and B.W. works for her but kind of alongside her, too. She's boss, though. And they're not kissing but probably want to (well, he does). And she wears the most glorious, figure-enhancing '50s dresses.

Yeah. You know I am SOLD.

(This thread can continue indefinitely. I won't ever call stop.)

Wilfair Book said...

Sorry, not BBC American, BBC America. I'm still not quite up and running from this past week, foggy head-wise, so it makes a ton of sense that I'm commenting as much as I am! Eesh.

Caitlin said...

Carly! Yes! Ugly Betty was in fact my introduction to Mr. Gorham. He was also good in Jake 2.0, a short-lived show which is sadly not available on DVD, but some parts are on YouTube. (He has the longer, properly Gomerian hair in that.)

Alysia!!! You read my mind! The Hour is MY current obsession too!

Wilfair Book said...

HOLY CRIKEY CAITLIN!!! We have to talk.

I'm about to email you back, too. Now I have to curb the urge to make the entire note about how completely immersed I am in this show!

I will say that Bel's figure and style is definitely not far from Fair's. Fair's form might be *slightly* more zaftig than Ms. Rowley's, but they're close. I just so rarely see women that more accurately reflect the majority of the population on television.

I can't even begin talking about the Freddie-Bel dynamic, though, because I need to be somewhere in three hours and probably won't make it if I start.

P.S. Sorry I keep commenting then deleting to fix typos. Truly, I shouldn't be on the site this week, but I can't help myself. The conversation is too fun.

bess said...

Caitlin & Carly, Yes! On Christopher Gorham as Gomery, I can totally accept him in place of Lee Pace ( who is in every movie these days, Lincoln, The Hobbit and the last Twilight!) I would be very down for seeing him in a diving board situation. I also find the idea of Lee Pace as Thurs intriguing . . . Hmmm.

Also The Hour! I just started it to help me get through Downton Abbey withdrawl and I looove it. I've been a fan of Romola Garai since seeing her in Daniel Deronda on Masterpiece Theater 10-ish years ago.

Chiara said...

I was all like Lee Pace with longer hair and glasses is totally Gomery but Christopher Gorham is it!! I'm with you as well!

Ulrika said...

Lee Pace as Thurs. YES. I approve of this SO MUCH.

Wilfair Book said...

I'm with you, Ulrika!

Carly said...

Hee Hee...glad this post and it's comments still make you giggle. It's been a while since I commented (though I still frequently drop by the blog), but Monty still gives me the stomach squidgies in the best way!

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