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The Wicked Witch of the West? Big "woot woot" for that lady.

I'm a fan, but I like all of "The Wizard of Oz" characters. Who's your favorite? Please say Toto. LOVE Toto.

The movie was filmed not too far from The Wilfair Hotel's corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue. Some LA locals may take me task on the "not too far" assertion, but it's probably a ten-minute drive to Culver City, where "Wizard" was made, from Wilshire and Fairfax. And ten minutes of LA time is like three minutes anywhere else in the world.

Weird fact of science.

The Wilfair, being built in 1936, would have been a new, trendy, buzzed-about hotel during the movie's production. I like to think that actors might have stayed there in addition to the Culver Hotel (where the actors playing the Munchkins really did stay).
"The Wizard of Oz" gets a brief shout-out at the start of "Wilfair," when Fair Finley is over at the Motel Fairwil and Gomery Overbove mistakenly thinks Fair's costume is Judy Garland. Monty Overbove's line, where he claims Fair probably left her flying monkey double-parked outside, and that the motel will tow, pretty much sets the stage for Monty's signature brand of mouthy-mouthiness.

It's a moment I'm a bit sweet on, because I wanted to show how easy the guys were with their rambly, worked-up, shoulder-pad-wearing neighbor. Monty definitely felt easier with Fair than Gomery during that scene, but once Monty enters a scene Gomery always loosens up a little. He now has back-up should conversation go higgledy-piggledy.

Let's call Monty Overbove the Human Ice-Breaker.

In short, those surprise Fair Finley visits brighten the cousins' long days (even if she's over at the motel to complain, which she usually is).

And now, the great Margaret Hamilton, making claw hands. Is she about to give a mastodon's "rrowr"?

photo: MGM


bess said...

Scarecrow! When Dorothy tell him "I think I'll miss you most of all", it just breaks my heart.

do dah said...

this made me smile. thanks, i needed that today.

Jamila said...

Totally Toto.

Wilfair Book said...

Bess: Ray Bolger! Awww. I know, right? Lots of emotion in that performance. And when he dances you really believe he has straw inside his legs.

do dah: Hooray!

Jamila: THAT. That made me laugh. Ha ha ha.

Okay, here's my all time favorite Toto moment. It's when Dorothy's singing and Toto kind of reaches his little paw out for her.

There's a twister inside my heart when I see this image:

wealhtheow said...

Probably Ray Bolger, largely because my grandfather used to sing "Once in love with Amy, always in love with Amy" to me. (spoiler, my actual name is Amy). Plus he's just so effortlessly kind and wise.

Glinda in the books I seem to remember as pretty cool. Glinda in the movies? Kind of a B, honestly.

Wilfair Book said...

wealhtheow: I was not familiar with the song, I'm ashamed to say, but my shame never prevents me from correcting the situation. In fact, shame is often my gasoline.

So I went and found it. Charming! And Ray's rocking a boater, so 100 extra points!

I like Glinda, but not as much as the WWoftheW.

Amanda W said... favorite Wizard of Oz character might be Scarecrow. I have to admit, I had a nightmare once as a child that involved the WWofTW, and it's still so vivid that she gives me the willies a bit. BUT...I love Elphaba from Wicked so, does that count?

Also, one of my good friends from college LOVED the Wizard of Oz as a child. When she was 5 she used to introduce herself to people as Dorothy Gale from Kansas. She even wore ruby slippers in her wedding and had Wizard of Oz cake toppers!

Wilfair Book said...

Amanda -- Somehow I didn't see this comment. Love! I think I would like your friend.

I'm a bit obsessed with theme wedding cake toppers. Like people who put zombie bride and grooms on their cakes. Who would be the bride and who would be the groom from "Oz," I wonder?

I just had to Google "Wizard of Oz wedding cake." Fun.

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