So much of the Wilfair world is tied to place, or Place, if you prefer. Buildings and rooms and hallways and elevators and kitchens and canyons are all featured prominently. The pool is certainly a place, and is a pivot point for the stories.

And the corner of Wilshire and Fairfax in Los Angeles, California? It's a place, too, and a real place at that.

Writing these books has given me what I hoped for most of all: a little place I've enjoyed building and decorating and tending to, too. I'm feeling reflective at the start of this year, and grateful, for the many gifts (and the handful of lessons) of Wilfair.

Meeting readers is principally and forever the number one gift I've enjoyed. Second is the thrill of writing about the Wilfair people and that world. And third is carving out the wee place I wanted. Just a corner, here on the internet or on someone's tablet. Nice.

I do think of it as a corner, but then I happen to think in corners. The Wilfair Hotel shares a city corner with the Motel Fairwil. Corners are meeting places, too, when people are coming from perpendicular streets. (I won't look too deeply into that and how that applies to the books.)

Anywho, if you've read through to the end of "Stay Awhile," you probably know I'm a fan of surprising gifts of the non-material and lasting sort. Last year was a great year for that, and I'm hoping there are more gifts here, this year, for you, too.

Now my post-flu philosophizing is coming to a slow, creaky end. Next post'll probably be about Monty. I feel like talking about him and his handsome hair as we head into the weekend. I may have a photo to share, too, courtesy of Ms. Carly!


Carly said...

*Squeeeee* Ha ha! I'm glad you're kicking that nasty flu to the curb!

Victoria Smith said...

Hey Alysia! I was thinking about you too :) Thanks for stopping by the blog and your compliments! Your blog is always beautiful (fits the hotel theme of your novels :D) I hope your holidays went well!

Chiara said...

I love place, it's such an interesting concept in books. I mean the idea of creating a whole new place for people to get lost in while reading. Well, in the case of Wilfair there's an actual place as well obviously but the other places are not and for me also all the different hotels there are in the Wilfair world are part of "place".

Speaking of place, I recently read a short story collection, Let It Snow with stories by Maureen Johnson, John Green and Lauren Myracle. Little did I know that when I started the three stories where connected by being set in the same place and inhabiting the same people. That's that sort of place I mean and love. Margaret Laurence did a a series of five books all set in a fictional town Manawaka, another great example of place.

Anyway, I went off on a tangent there. I'm a bit late to the party but glad you kicked the flu and Happy New Year!

To get back to your actual post, the idea of this all being a corner is lovely, we all use that word corner in several senses I think but the idea of it being a meeting point gives that extra spin to it. Love it.

Wilfair Book said...

I like your tangents! And I do know this book you describe, though I haven't read it yet. I will make a point to seek it out.

Yes, corners and intersections and places, all fascinating to me. I read something interesting that said that a book should be about a place readers can relate to but in a new way. So I keep that in mind. In the case of fantasy the new way is VERY new, but more realistic fiction has to seek out a more subtle but fresh angle. Or, in the case of the Wilfair world, which leans more magic realism than supernatural, the place has to be something familiar but definitely heightened in its stand-out qualities (rather than fully unreal).

Wilfair Book said...

And hi Victoria! You are sweet for stopping by. I love visiting your blog. Happy 2013!

And hi Carly! Thanks for the squee!

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