Reader-Suggested Songs

Here's a secret: When I write for work I almost never listen to music. Maybe classical, on occasion. I'm all laser-like focus on the details of the article and I can get a little (good) lost in a song.

Starting "Wilfair" changed all that. I was probably on the second or third day of writing when I put on "Sunshine" by Keane and "Luv" by Travis. Oh, and "Bedshaped" by Keane, too; I'd just purchased them and was in the mood to give a listen. So I did. And something about the tempo and feel of those songs made me want to type longer.

(I'm playing "Sunshine" now and it takes me right back to that first week of Wilfair. Funny how music'll do that.)

This was a first for me, listening (on low, granted) to music while writing.

Since then the mega Wilfair playlist has GROWN -- I'm embarrassed to say how long it is, but most of the songs have been picked from my existing iTunes -- and all the songs remind me of different points in the writing. "Academia" by Sia really reminds me of Fair and Gomery having their we're-not-hugging-but-we-are moment in "Redwoodian." Likewise, "Pop Art Blue" by Zero 7 makes me think of the drive in "Redwoodian." I had that tune on major repeat. (I'm also an unapologetic song-on-repeater. You, too?)

This is all to say that when people write me to say that a song reminds them of the Wilfair world, I love love love it. I promptly seek out the song and add it to my to-be-purchased queue. Those songs then get added to the mega books playlist.

I've had a few suggestions, which can be found below. I'm convinced I'm missing one song, which I've combed my playlist for, so if you suggested one please remind me. Caitlin, bess, and a nice reader I don't know but who commented on FYA suggested these songs. They sound just right to me.


Caitlin said...

Wow, "Shhh" is PERFECT. Props to whoever suggested that! The music video is adorable, too.

I am also a die hard repeat listener. I think I listened to "Swimming Pool" about ten times in a row last night, in fact.

Wilfair Book said...

Caitlin, I don't think I told you but I love "Swimming Pool" so much! Thank you for suggesting it. It's perfect.

I know, that video is cute! It was suggested by someone who commented on the FYA "Redwoodian" review, but those comments are gone (I believe they are coming back, though, once the FYA ladies go through all the back pages of the site, a time-consuming proposition, for sure).

Wilfair Book said...

I should add that the comments disappeared when FYA moved to a new platform. But again, I'm hopeful they will come back. :)

Off to listen to "Swimming Pool" again...

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