I've worked online for over a decade, so I'd describe myself as someone who pretty enthusiastically embraces the new and the next.

But the little paper calendar on my desk? It comes in very handy for my job. I deal with a lot of dates and details, and I like to scratch things down as I go.

(Old-fashioned futurist? That's me.) 

Wilfair ideas and scribblings go in a separate notebook, but sometimes I think of something and can't be bothered to sniff it out. So a small scrawl goes on my work calendar.

With the start of the year, I've been revisiting some recent calendars. Random Wilfair thoughts will appear in margins or empty dates every few pages. Some ideas I've used, some I'm saving, and some I've deep-sixed.

I suppose I possess a tiny brass telegraph in the back of my brain. It constantly sends out wee dots and dashes devoted solely to these characters and their world and it sounds exactly like this.

Here are a few Wilfair-related scribbles. These photos aren't especially interesting, and goodness knows these are some truly hapdash scrawls (I like to believe my proper handwriting is more legible). But I rather like looking at calendar dates and thinking about when I was thinking about things. I can see periods brimming with ideas and drier spells, too.

It reminds me that the big wheel does indeed keep on turnin'. If things aren't happening today in the idea-having department, they might tomorrow.

Which applies to all of life, I suppose. Wait out today, if today isn't delivering. Tomorrow will.

"Robe over eve dress" = "Redwoodian" :)


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