Sunday Morning

Sunday morning is a bustling time at The Wilfair Hotel and, to a lesser extent, the Motel Fairwil.

Both the 500 Dip Bar and the motel's diner are open for breakfast. The 500 Dip Bar does a posher brunch and the diner serves its usual weekday offerings.

The Wilfair gets a lot of local action on Sunday mornings, as people in the area (and not just those staying at the hotel) stop in to eat a special meal out. It's probably the 500 Dip Bar's busiest day of the week.

A Motel Fairwil Sunday morning is slightly quieter than a weekday, when a few office workers in the area might stop in the diner for a quick bagel or club sandwich. Some motel guests head out to the pool early, to get in one last swim before check-out.

Fair Finley doesn't need to get up at the crack of dawn to oversee The Wilfair brunch set-up, as there are employees for that. But she'll usually wander downstairs earlier than later to make sure everything is going smoothly. And to grab a waffle topped with frosting or maple dip.

The Overbove cousins always have to get up at the crack of dawn, and even though they have systems in place to allow one guy to occasionally sleep in, it doesn't always play out that way. Gomery Overbove is a natural early riser, Monty less so. Though our popcorn box is no slouch. He'd claim his brain needs rest because it is constantly churning out exceptional ideas.

Gomery also awakens early because he's curious about how the swimming pool survived Saturday night, as that tends to be the most party-riffic night of the week for both motel guests and interlopers who sneak onto the property for a quick skinny dip or splash about. There's usually some clean-up around the pool, cups and beer cans and empty chip bags. He's curious, that is, if he didn't wake up when it was all happening (which he often does, as does Monty. One day we'll get to how those two nice guys get not nice when dealing with pool problems and inebriated revelers).

If there isn't too much clean-up, and Gomery can just get dressed and go to the motel lobby and diner to get the day started, I imagine he puts some Nick Drake on to set the mood of Sunday morning. LA dawns can be beautiful, even in the city. Wilshire Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue borders a tree-filled neighborhood, in addition to lots of buildings, so while traffic sounds dominate, there's birdsong, too, in the background.

Birdsong, cars passing, toast, bacon, Nick Drake, coffee percolating, pool splashing, dishes clattering, the sleigh bells attached to the motel's lobby door. The sounds and smells of a Motel Fairwil Sunday morning.

photo: Clinton Steeds


Caitlin #2 said...

Gomery listens to Nick Drake?! I think I'm dying...aaaand I'm dead.

Wilfair Book said...

Obviously this is fact. Not you dying, which I don't want, but that Nick Drake plays in the Motel Fairwil lobby.

I think songs like "Fruit Tree" might get played twice.

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