The Buddy Barter

Bartering is a fascinating subject to me. I kind of love it. I wish we had more opportunities to trade skills or time or effort for somebody else's skills or time or effort. I know it is alive and well, but I want more of it. More.

So something rather charming put this subject in my mind this month. Three readers shared one of the Wilfair books, or wanted to share, with a friend. And told me so. (There is an existing friend set already visiting this blog, I should say: Lady Jamila and wealhtheow. I don't know how they came to the books, though, or if one person read them first or what. Now I'm curious! Ladies?)

Ahem. Where was I? Right. So two of the readers shared the "Stay Awhile" ARC and one person asked if I might send "Wilfair" and "Redwoodian" to her friend since she already owned the books (this person was part of the recent Forever Young Adult "Wilfair" giveaway).

I love this.

And I'm inspired. So here's my thought: If you think a particular pal of yours might like the books, I'll be happy to send said pal a copy of "Wilfair." Hooray! Confetti drop! Dancing hedgehogs! Everyone hug!

Now steel yourself for the barter end of the equation: I'm going to ask you or your pal to leave a comment somewhere on the blog.

That's it.

The comment can be "Alysia, why are you asking me to comment, I don't wanna!" <-- counts. Or "The color of this blog is WAY too orange!" <-- counts. Or "I think a young Albert Brooks-type should play Monty" on this comment thread that I secretly hope will go on forever.


If the thought of commenting curls your toes, here's your escape hatch: I'll still gladly send the book to your friend, even without you or your pal leaving a blog comment. I know, I should probably be whispering this sneaky little asterisk in your ear, but, if you've read the books, you know I'm rather fond of people saying positive things in front of other people.

Let's call it The Buddy Barter, because I like alliteration. (CoughFairFinleycough.)

Let's say this deal is on indefinitely. (Or maybe through the end of 2013? That's a long ways away. Okay. A good long trial run.)

Let's say I'll only stop or tweak this giveaway if it becomes unfeasible -- derrr, infeasible? -- or beyond my means. (Please, that would be a wonderful day, if so many people wanted free books for their friends that I'm like "guyz, y'all are breaking my bank!")

Let's say if that happens I'll think of another plan that is still fairly fun.

Let's say The Buddy Barter is good for one friend per calendar month.

Let's give this a try and see where it goes.

Write me, or have your friend write me, at One line'll suffice. We don't have to get chatty, because, you know, that could be weird, because I'm chatty.

Then comment somewhere on the blog, about anything, what you had for lunch or your favorite cartoon, and consider the deal sealed.

Or don't comment. It doesn't matter. I'm still sending your pal a book.

Good? Just make sure your friend is up for all the ruffled, cherry-scented ridiculousness that is the Wilfair world. I don't want to come between pals.

Last thing: If I get enough sets of friends around these parts, I'm doing a Sets of Friends post! With sparkles and gifs and hedgehogs! And old-timey photos of men riding tandem bicycles!

Oh yeah I am. Watch me.

photo: State Library of Victoria Collections


Jamila said...

We both followed Forever Young Adult at the time when they reviewed Wilfair. I didn't have an e-reader at the time, nor did I realize I could read Kindle books on my laptop, but I remember thinking it looked awesome. Wealtheow did have a Kindle, so she read Wilfair first and kept telling me I had to read it. That prompted me to figure out how to do get an e-book, and then I became totes obsessed. :) Wealtheow also found this blog and started commenting here first. I'm just her follower, really.

Yay for friends sharing Wilfair! Trust me, it's super fun to sit around and discuss forearms and doorknobs and Shirley Temples.

(I MISS IT HERE!! Too much work, boo! I'm about to go on a commenting spree.)

Wilfair Book said...

Thank you for bringing me up to speed on the rockin' goodness that you and wealhtheow have brought to this orange-y corner of the interworld!

I miss you, Lady Jamila. I enjoyed your commenting spree, too. I glanced at my phone a few nights ago and suddenly I had like ten comment emails, ALL JAMILA.

Embarrassment, riches, hooray!

bess said...

I am trying to get a good friend to read Wilfair and comment here because a couple other buddies who have read the book are a little comment-shy but the friend in question is a bold, brassy lady with a good whimsical side so I think she'd fit right in! It's also slightly selfish because she lives too far away for me to see her often so having these lovely books in common would be a nice excuse to talk.

Wilfair Book said...

bess, your good friend and I are ALREADY TALKING about making the free book happen.

That is the speed at which the Buddy Barter moves.

Swift like the night!!!

Wait. Er. Is the night swift, truly?

(Leaving it.)

bess said...

You are a quick brown fox! Apologies, I'm over-caffinated and that pangram just jumped into my head.

Unknown said...

Hola from Argentina. I really like the idea, I hope I got the idea right.Mi amigo necesita leer este libro, así que gracias por la oportunidad. haha that's my comment, hope you understand it. See you!

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