The Oppositery

The Finley family owns a hotel near San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge called The Oppositery. It's actually two buildings, one to the north of the bridge, one to the south.

Everything north is hotter, everything south is cooler, down to the hues, wallpaper, and foods served (soup north, greens south).

The Oppositery


Erika said...


Kelly said...

Pretty! I love that orange tumbler, I want to sit somewhere warm and drink cocktails from it.

Chiara said...

I already thought The Oppositery had to be one (uh, two!) cool place(s) but this makes it all the more awesome. Can I make a reservation? ;)

Wilfair Book said...

Of all the hotels, I probably daydream about this one the most. Outside of The Wilfair itself.

Let's go! :)

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