Yep, it's the name of a hotel-themed short story from Stephen King (and, of course, a nail-biter of a film with Samuel L. Jackson and John Cusack).

I'm a little sweet on it because of two reasons. One? Scary hotel story. And two? A travel writer is the central character. That's what I do for a living, or at least the bulk of my gig is travel-oriented, and one rarely sees travel or hotel writers as central characters.

Granted, he's kind of in a bad spot in the tale, what with Room 1408 seemingly transmogrifying before his troubled eyes, but still. Represent! Woot! Travel writers, living large! And seeing walls melt! In a horrifying way!

But I cite it today because that's the exact number of comments this blog now has: 1408. It seemed an offbeat number to holler about, so I'm hollerin'.

I'm fairly sure a certain Ms. Wilfair Book makes up about half of those comments -- hi, you know if you comment on this blog chances are good I'll respond sooner than later -- but, still, if there are 700 comments that aren't mine, well. HAPPY TEARS.

(Not frantic, upset tears, like one might have in Room 1408.)

Thank you for visiting and chatting with me. More more more to come.


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