Aisle 3 Fortunes

Grocery store fortunes? They continue!

A quick recap: Fair Finley mentions a certain grocery store aisle in "Redwoodian." Discussion on the blog eventually led to me visiting the store closest to Wilshire Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue to "read" the aisle of a reader's choosing. I'm looking for both Wilfairian references and words that point to a reader's future.

Next up is Kelly, who is our UK rep 'round here, loves Freddie Mercury like I do, and is a television fan like so many of us. Hi, Kelly!

Your chosen aisle -- Aisle 3 -- had many cleaning and soap products. This was actually an excellent aisle and I snapped far too many photos along the way. Turns out, upon close study, that many cleaning products have rather verbose descriptions and scents and names ("Ocean Breeze" and "Spring Happiness" and such).

The Wilfair pics were plentiful. Below: Pinecones -- hooray! -- a window cleaning solution (though I suspect we like our windows frostier 'round these parts), a special dip holder (!!?!?),  sensitive skin cream (while all the characters are somewhat sensitive, only Monty owns up to it), cherries (finding something cherry on every aisle), and a body wash with the Matterhorn on it.

1? Errrr, I love this. 2? It reminded me of when Fair wondered if Thurs Mathers was buying a hotel in the Alps, or the Alps themselves.

And now your fortune, Kelly. I wish you super strength in the months ahead, and a truly Fabuloso year! Whether you'd like your year to be lavender-scented is up to you, but I hope it will be. Or at least the scent of your choice.


Kelly said...

Yay! Thanks for my Grocery store fortune Alysia. A fabuloso lavender scented year powered by super strength sounds excellent!

Also - why don't I already have some of those special dip trays? I am a noted enthusiast of both dip and slightly unnecessary kitchen paraphernalia. Seeking some out immediately.

bess said...

I have bought Fabuloso before, just for the name. This is a my-t-fine fortune, indeed!

Wilfair Book said...

How was Fabuloso, Bess? Fabuloso?

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