Aisle 9 Fortunes

Our Grocery Store Fortune series continues. Next up is Erika!

I know for a fact that Erika has been very near this grocery store -- the store that's closest to Wilshire Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue -- because we met at that intersection in the fall, hugged, and had a snickerdoodle-scented moment. 

Erika chose Aisle 9 for her reading. It was a good choice -- ice creams and frozen novelties dominate that section -- and a choice that was challenging for me, due to ice creams and frozen novelties dominating that section. It's not an aisle I spend a great deal of time in, usually, which meant that I found wondrous things to stare at, open of mouth and glassy of eye. I did in fact make two impulse buys in Aisle 9: frozen jalapeno poppers and sugar-free root beer gum. Yes, internet, I DID.

So let's get the Wilfair-related things out of the way.

1. Cherries -- yep. I'm basically finding cherries on every aisle. 2. Omelette. This one looks quite fancy, much fancier than the ones the cafe next to the Motel Fairwil makes. 3. Cake. The Wilfair Hotel bakes a lot of cakes for weddings. Fair Finley samples them all, pretty much. 4. Neon straws, for the motel's neon sign. 5. "Sour" reminded me of Sour Suites, the hotel Fair's dad wants to buy near San Diego (the one on a chasm). Also, random aside: Do those silhouettes look a bit Bart-Simpson-y to you?

And now, for Erika's specific Aisle 9 fortune. Okay, the first two photos are not fortunes but more just thoughts I have from meeting this lovely person. Both Erika and her husband were total cutie-patooties, so they get a Cuties pic. Also? She is indeed real. I know she's real because I met her, in person, but she was very down-to-earth, too. Real in two ways.

So here's my prediction for your year, Erika: It will be fantastic! One of my favorite words, just sittin' there in Aisle 9 and meant just for you.

(I realize the word "bacon" is also kind of in one of these photos, so if you'd like there to be more of that in your year ahead, well, go for it.)


Erika said...

I love my isle! It had neon straws and real bacon. The husband loves him some bacon! This was incredibly fun and I love my fortune! It's like having my own pinecone!

Wilfair Book said...

I'm so happy! Your comment is so great, Erika. Glad you enjoyed! xo

Wilfair Book said...

Erika, this *could* be a coincidence or a bit of bacon magic: LA's first bacon festival is happening this weekend at the Petersen Auto Museum, which happens to be at Wilshire and Fairfax. Coincidence??? We both know it is not. :)

Erika said...

I may have to travel north this weekend...

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