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Ever, Ursa, and Ingham Mathers



Wil and Bo (these kids actually look like the Brothers Finley)


bess said...

I feel dumb, I don't get the onion one, is 'onion' supposed to sounds like 'only you'? I do love the tearful onion with the droopy little stem, though.

Wilfair Book said...

We'll be confused together. I think it is supposed to read "I've asked you lots of times *and ya* never say "yes."


I wanted a weepier valentine but it was a bit hard to find!

Chiara said...

Maybe "onion" is a play on "union"? In general I kinda read it as you did Alysia and it just says "onion" because it's an onion.

It's cute though, I have a thing for onions that make themselves weep. I also love the banana and popcorn valentines. And accidentally (or not) Sutton and Monty are totally getting together at some point in my head canon.

Wilfair Book said...

Chiara -- I've been thinking about the last line of your comment for a few days now. That's all I really had to say here.

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