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So these are the two big shows at Casa Painter right now. This doesn't have much to do with the Wilfair world, which I try to stick to around these parts, but I like sharing what I enjoy when I'm away from work and the books.

Usually, usually, we watch "Downton Abbey" right when it airs. But last night "The Walking Dead" came back so we caught that, meaning I'm a day behind on Bates. Returning. To. Joanne. Froggatt.
(I know, I know, her character is actually named Anna, but in our house she's always Joanne Froggatt.)

Thus I can't discuss any of last night's show, yet, but am curious if you watch and what you love about it.

I'll watch it tonight and be caught up. (And, a small warning: Things might get slightly spoiler-ish from here on out, and in the comments, too! Cheers.)

Favorites: Bates, Edith, Daisy, and The Look of Everything, from the tiniest buttons on Mary's diaphanous flapper gowns to how the house is lit at night. I LOVE the lighting of this show. My favorite friendship? Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes. (***Just caught up. Thank you, Mrs. Hughes, for talking sense.)

Tradition: I do tend to yell "dog butt!" when the credits start, which isn't really like me. But I do it, because, you know, I'm a bit uncouth at times. Plus, pup rumps? Cute.

Frustrations: Lord Grantham, obvs. Also, Matthew, be more Matthewy again, please.
(***Feeling happier with Lord Grantham and Matthew after the recent episode. More soon.)

Le Ultimate: The Dowager Countess x one million.

What are your thoughts?

Let's address "The Walking Dead," too, in case you like to watch the undead chasing the living and vice versa.

Favorites: Glenn! So sweet on him and his love with Maggie, too. Andrew Lincoln is great, too, but, you know. Rick needs some rest. Like, a spa day to clear his head.

Tradition: I'll often make undead groans after the show ends. I do a pretty convincing walker, too.

Frustrations: Andrea should leave the Governor or at least his thrall. Bad news. There are also questions I have about walker biology, like, about hair growing and stuff.

Le Ultimate: I like that the world really feels empty. So, cheers to you, location scouts and set designers.

Okay, here's my Wilfair tie-in: Fair and her mom obviously watch "Downton Abbey" together (and via monitether when they're in two different locations). I bet Sutton and Monty have some bonding moments over "The Walking Dead," too.

Gomery probably enjoys both. (Monty, too, probably, though he likely watches "Downton" to pick up pointers on period filmmaking and multiple character arcs.)

And as long as we're playing at fantasy, Prior Yates tried out for both shows but was locked into a movie contract at the time. (Probably the ski movie he's staying at The Redwoodian to shoot.) Still, I keep hoping I'll see him in a guest spot on one or both. Downstairs needs Prior. A long lost son to Mrs. Hughes, perhaps?

If you're not watching either show, are you watching something else? Do tell.

photos: Masterpiece Theatre and AMC


kitzie said...

I have been so busy, I haven't had time to comment (though I do read and enjoy still :) But I had to here. Cuz those are the two shows that run at our house too.

My Downton thoughts are basically exactly the same plus I LOVE the dowager countess Maggie Smith. (Thank you this week's epi for some positive character points for my Matthew and Lord Grantham)

The Walking Dead... I think I'd put Andrea in general in my frustrations... How could she turn her back the the AMAZING Michonne (who would totes be my girlfriend if I lived there)? And she is completely dim, but I'd really like her not to be.

What type of character would Prior play on the Walking Dead??? Could he be a younger, hotter Governor that has a bit more of a moral code? Because the Governor was my imaginary boyfriend before he sexually assaulted Maggie. That was a deal breaker so I had to imaginarily break up with him.

Chiara said...

I'd love to join in here because TV! However, I still gotta start watching both shows, especially The Walking Dead has been on my to-watch list for a while now. During the next TV hiatus I'll finally do that. It seems like every summer there's something else to watch, like last summer I rewatched Who's The Boss? and I got addicted to Masterchef Australia.

kitzie said...

Uh, whoops. Chiara, you should not read anything I said re:TWD then. :)

bess said...

Chiara - if you ever felt inclined to catch up on Downtown Abbey, it's pretty easy because the seasons are short - around 8 episodes- and it's DANGEROUSLY addictive. I flew through 2 seasons this Fall.

I can't speak to The Walking Dead, I haven't watched it because I fear it would be the type of show that would stress me out terribly. My gentleman friend, however, read the entire graphic novel series and watched the first season while I was away for Thanksgiving so it is probably as addictive as Downton.

I'm guessing the fashions are slightly less exciting, though.

Love Matthew when he's being flirty or sly, or Matthew when he's being noble or in uniform or riding a bicycle.... I may have a Matthew problem. Love the Dowager Countess always.

Did you hear that the BBC gave The Hour the ax? Such a shame - not to mention a bit of an unresolved cliffhanger.

Erika said...

I love Downton but haven't watched the Walking Dead. I know it's huge but oddly enough all I know about it is that it has zombies.

Favorites: Downton, Carson, Mrs. Pattmore, mrs. Hughes, Anna and Bates. I love the Downstairs, Upstairs I love Branson and especially the Dowager. I love everyone but I adore the aforementioned! I am starting to love Edith too.

Frustrations: Lord Grantham and Isabel. Isabel is driving me crazy and I really liked her!

Le Ultimate: "The Dowager Countess x one million." Agreed!

I've seen all of Season three so I am stopping now :)

Kelly said...

I feel like such a substandard English person, but I don't watch Downton. (Also I don't really drink tea, it's kind of surprising I haven't been kicked out). I'm such a huge TV person in general, that when friends ask me about the show and I say I haven't seen it, the response is usually a dramatic shocked gasp. I'll have to buy the DVD's and have a marathon catch up session at some point.

I've been marathoning a lot of shows recently. I just finished Community, and before that I was getting caught up on the Good Wife. I also just started watching Awkward, which is probably the best teen show I've seen in a long time.

bess said...

Kelly- substandard English person or not, I think you have excellent taste! Community is one of my favorite programs and Awkward is very under-rated. I have yet to catch up on the second season but I loved the first - it's kind of what I thought Glee would be like (minus the singing) until Glee went a kind of inconsistent and self-serious route.

Wilfair Book said...

Oh my my my. Okay. Jumping in.

kitzie. KITZIE. Thank you for commenting. You totally knew I'd been thinking about you, surely? I have my Christopher Reeve post coming up, and I still am going to post that sequin, and I was like "where's my lady?" Life gets hectic. Understood.

I'm glad these are your two shows and don't stress on the spoiler in the comments -- that should have been my role to say "I'm talkin' here!" but I did not. And, Chiara, you didn't mind too much? I hope.

Okay, so I'm going to say a bit more that will get spoilery. Glad we are on similar pages regarding "Downton Abbey" and, yes, Lord Grantham and Matthew stepped up in the last episode. Phew. People don't always have to be at their best, of course, and I prefer some drama, but I was really, um, frustrated, after a few episodes ago. I won't get spoilery but I'm talking about THE episode.

As for "The Walking Dead," oh man. Are you headed to LA soon? Because I think this could be hashed out over some drinks. Agree on Michonne. And I really liked Andrea, and still do, but I just don't know what this change has been in her. And I really enjoy the actress, who was on "The X-Files," which is a whole other ball of glowing green outer space gas for me. Meaning? Forever obsessed.

Who would Prior Yates be on "The Walking Dead"? I think he'd be a cheerful if reality-avoiding young dad who has holed up in gated suburb with his wife and two toddlers. His character would be convinced everything is okay and that the zombie reality was a figment of his imagination and that life was proceeding as normal. After some frustrating interaction with him, Rick & Co. would move on.

Chiara: It's funny that you mentioned "Who's the Boss?" because I've thought about your affection for that show. Would you ever want to do a guest post and talk about why you love it? I think it definitely applies here, since Wilfair has a woman in charge. It's not a stretch. :) No worries if not, just putting it out there.

Bess: "The Hour" ending! I know. I KNOW. It really has disrupted my heart over the last day. I'm really rather upset about it, because I need to have some Freddie resolution. What should we do? Write some possible endings here? I feel tempted.

Erika: Like your "Downton" picks! I agree on Isabel. She was one of my very favorite characters at the beginning because I loved her modern mom-adult son friendship with Matthew and her good work in the war. But this season I've found her a little at loose ends in a way I don't think suits her. Granted, I do miss that Matthew friendship, but now that he's married it wouldn't really be cool for his mom to be ringing him every hour. So I get that. Still. Isabel. Questions.

Kelly: "Community" rocks! How I do like that it is completely itself, you know? I've seen the first "Awkward" and liked it, so my whole plan has been to stock up on a couple of seasons via DVD or DVR and watch 'em over a week. This is an issue with me. I do this. Does anyone else? It's funny that I'm watching "Downton" and "Dead" as they air because it's not my normal viewing habit (well, of the last few years).

My husband and I are revisiting every season of "Red Dwarf" right now in that fashion. Have you ever watched? Oh man. One of the best. Weird and wrong. Two perfect qualities.

Chiara said...

Kitzie: No worries, when I know there could be things I shouldn't see, I don't read it :)

Bess: Oh! That's basically nothing, I thought the show had 20+ episodes or something like that a season. I think I was thrown off by the fact that everybody is always watching and talking about it. Probably people who keep jumping in at a later point then. I'll try to fit it in my TV schedule then, at the latest during summer :) I want to be part of it!

Awkward! I keep hearing things about that, I should probably check that one out at one point as well. I usually check out a lot of new shows, that are not something I know I won't like anyway, but I think I let that one slip because it's on MTV.

Alysia: I'd be honored to write something about Who's The Boss? sometime. It's funny you thought about me and the show though, I never really considered it among my favorite TV shows (the only thing I always mentioned was that Tony/Angela were my first ship ever, long before people had even given the concept a name) and hadn't seen it in years until I re watched it last year. That said I fell back in love with it all over again. And I guess that was also around the same time I stepped into the wonderful world of Wilfair.

Wilfair Book said...

Chiara, definitely write about it if you like! I didn't mean to put you on the spot. You'd mentioned it once or twice and I thought it would be a good fit for the site, seeing as how there's a woman in charge on "Who's the Boss?" and at The Wilfair, too.

Also, I love to know why and how people really get into something, and you could talk a bit about the show in that respect. If you want! I know we're all busy. No deadline on this, it could be a whenever thing. Just post length would be wonderful.

Chiara said...

So the other week I thought it was a good idea to finish the book I was reading, then I wasn't tired anymore and was lying in bed tossing and turning. My mind wandered to WTB? and what I could write about it and I ended up writing something. I'll email you the product of my sleepless night soon, I just need to read through it again because it might be a bit too long as I sometimes tend to use a word or two too many when I get going.

Wilfair Book said...

Hooray! I'm so glad. I've been meaning to follow up on this but I got wrapped up in this mega glossary for the books. Glad it is done.

However long is just fine, really. Put everything you want to in the piece.

Looking forward to your email!

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