Gomery and Fair Sighting

I wrote over a year ago -- blog, it pleases me that you're staying around in a way blogs sometimes do not, so hooray! -- about how I'd seen a few guys around the Wilshire-Fairfax area who reminded me of Monty.

Montys tend to congregate around an outdoor shopping mall called The Grove. Oh, and Farmers Market, too, of course. I think the majority of them might be actors or in entertainment, because they have that natural actor's confidence. Confidence is one of Monty's major attributes, of course.

I'd seen a Sutton before too, in San Francisco. I actually saw another Sutton near Lake Tahoe in the fall, but that's a whole other story. (And let me tell you I battle the urge to take strangers' hands and dance around them and sing "you remind me of this fictional character that's very close to my heart!" Because that never, ever ends well.)

But Fair? Gomery? Hadn't seen them yet. Nope. Not in the four years I've been wading around this particular story-filled swimming pool. I'm pretty particular about who these characters are, so I never even tried to shoehorn passing people into this world. Not if they didn't fit.

And I've said before I keep a softer idea of who Fair might be. Not soft in that she's soft, which she kind of is, but I want her to be your vision.

Then last week I was driving down Wilshire Boulevard in a rainstorm, about four blocks from Wilshire and Fairfax, when there they were, together. Together! They were just standing there, on a corner, waiting for the light.

I'm lucky I didn't rear end the car in front of me. Phew.

Maybe it was the heavy rain or the fact that I spied the twosome in passing, but they really did possess a certain Gomery-Fair thing. I spent the rest of my drive laughing, alone, in my car, which is nearly as bad as dancing around a stranger while singing they're reminiscent of a fictional character.

I did note that the young woman had the coolest elf-like hat-coat thing on, something Fair would totally wear. The photos below are pretty close, although the coat I saw was green, long, and winter-wool.

Anywho, I hope they were both on their way back to The Wilfair and Fairwil, because it was raining pretty hard.


Erika said...

That is awesome! It's too bad there were no pictures of them?? Or is that weird?

Wilfair Book said...

I'd be too shy to take photos of people on the street. Though, you know. Someday I might ask if I can snap a photo, just to see.

The thing about LA people is that they do say "yes" a lot. It's actually a great thing about this place.

Yes City.

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