Hotel or Motel?

What's your choice when you travel? Motel or hotel? Or something different, say a hostel or B&B?

I like all kinds of spend-the-night choices. I come from a predominantly hotel background, and lived in hotels for about five years, so I tend to book hotels. But my dad ran motels before hotels, and his dad before him, and my husband's family, too, so I have a very soft spot for those parking lot-adjacent, swimming pool-close buildings.

Generally I look for a great story behind the places I stay, interesting owners, good value (which can mean lots of things, of course, not simply saving money), and a slightly funky, elegant, or memorable air.

Here's a motel my father managed back in the '60s when he was just a young lad. It even has its own motto: "As new as tomorrow."

Mark my words here, ladies. I'm putting a business motto in "Fairwil." I am, by gum.

(Is the sun winking? Fresh!)


wealhtheow said...

I kind of love hotels. I love the luxury of a really fancy hotel, although I can but rarely afford it.

But for long road trips? Give me a motel every time. In fact, I'm contemplating drive across the country with my five-year-old boy this summer. I was about his age when I did my first cross-country trip, and I'm thinking this might be a super-de-dooper way to eat up a goodly part of the summer.

So I guess my answer is "both."

Chiara said...

I stay at all kinds of places, I usually just find whatever suits my needs the best, location, cost... I do end up at B&Bs a lot and hostels in bigger cities because they're the cheapest options. I've also camped during some road trips which is something I never was a fan of but it was a wonderful and cheap way to travel and I'm happy for the experience I had.

I've also slept at some wonderful B&Bs and because I travel to Italy a lot it's always nice to come back to certain places. There's one in Italy I stayed at with some friends which is adorable. The owner writes haikus and he often does with guests as well if they're up for it. He was excited for us to take part because we could offer Dutch, German and Japanese so we wrote him a haiku in all of our languages plus Italian. We haven't been back there yet but I'm sure we will go and get a room there again if we find ourselves in the region.

Anyway, I do also love hotels, no question and when there are no other options or if the price happens to be the same as a B&B I usually book a hotel, just because it has a little bit more luxury most of the time. However, it's never the special and personal experience I've had at some B&Bs.

To end this long thing and to at least mention motels, they're not a big thing in Europe so I've never stayed at one. However, a dream of mine is a road trip in the US and if and when that happens, I definitely want the motel experience!

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