Oscar Night at The Wilfair

It's Oscar Week in Los Angeles, which means a few things.

One? A giant swath of Hollywood Boulevard gets covered in the biggest red carpet I've ever seen. I've walked on it, too. In a word: spongy. Which does help with the standing around and posing and being fabulous. (And, nope, I haven't been to the Oscars; I was there for work a few days ahead of time. Still, the soles of my shoes were excited to be intimate with the red carpet, believe it!)

Two? You can see over a hundred costumes from the Oscar-nominated films at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. They do this every year and I love it. I'd drag all of you with me to see it if you were here.

Three? Party time. Casa Painter usually invites a few friends over to imbibe cocktails and eat salty snacks and comment on the proceedings. There are usually a couple of actors in the mix, and an aspiring screenwriter or two, so it is lively.

Four? Helicopters. They start up early on Oscar Sunday and hover not far from Casa Painter. Many, many star-seeking helicopters.

Five? Oscar pools. I never win because my heart goes out to the people I think should win rather than those I'm certain will win.

Oscar Night at The Wilfair is always high-stylin' and buzzy. Staffers erect some big-screen televisions in the lobby, and in the 500 Dip Bar, and guests gather and snack on dips and drinks themed to the nominated film titles.

Fair Finley tries to catch some of the show but she stays busy. Some of the nominees book their Oscar Week stay at The Wilfair, so our hotelier has to make sure that hotel security is ready for their paparazzi-drawing return, whether the stars return to the hotel with a statuette in hand or not.

There's often a party in the ballroom, too, thrown by a small studio or independent film company. Academy Award tickets can't be had by everyone, so crew and some cast involved in various films gather in hotel ballrooms to celebrate and watch the show.

Over at the Motel Fairwil, Monty Overbove hosts a clutch of film-freaky pals in the motel's small den, which is just behind the front desk. Gomery joins, off-and-on, because he's volunteered to watch the front desk for the night so Monty can remain absorbed in the telecast. Monty has strongly flavored opinions about every film, while Gomery usually roots for the one or two he had a bit of time to catch. He never has time to see all the nominees, which he regrets.

There is cousin-to-cousin discussion about some of the actresses' gowns, and if they aren't rather similar to the kind of gowns Fair Finley wears. A friend of Monty's will invariably ask "who's Farrah Finley?" and Monty will answer "long story." "A good story," Gomery will follow up with. "A long good story with some weird plot points and a socially whatever character arc that drives me crazy," says Monty. "Agreed," says Gomery.

There are snacks from the diner. Club sandwiches, cut into fours.

And Monty talks at length about he'll be on that big stage one day while Gomery goes to answer the motel phone.

As Gomery explains the rates and policies to the prospective guest, he eyes the swimming pool. There's probably going to be an actor in it before dawn, possibly still in his tuxedo.

Then he looks at the back of The Wilfair, through the citrus topiaries. The hotel appears to be hosting one hell of a swanky soiree. Gomery can, in fact, hear laughter filtering in from the 500 Dip Bar through the diner, so he knows this is true.

He also momentarily wonders what stars might be staying at The Wilfair. Then he remembers the star permanently affixed to the building, and he returns to Monty's party.

photo: catmca


Anonymous said...

I want to be there too! Mostly I want to go to the Overboves' party, but I'd also want to visit Fair and help her out so she can have some fun too--maybe give her the chance to stop by the Fairwill and give them an insincere complaint.

Wilfair Book said...

Emily, you've chosen the better party. Not coming down on The Wilfair here, but it is far stuffier than what's going down at the motel.

But your impulse to help Fair out touches me. I do, too.

If a famous person in a tuxedo jumps in the motel pool at around 2 a.m., after the after-parties, that might be reason enough to get Ms. Finley over there, especially if said famous person is a Wilfair guest.

Jamila6452 said...

I love this sentence - "A long good story with some weird plot points and a socially whatever character arc that drives me crazy," says Monty.

That's how I'm going to describe Wilfair-land to my friends from now on.

Wilfair Book said...

Ha ha! Okay, that works by me, Lady J.

That exchange, for me, is representative of the Monty-Gomery dynamic. They rarely contradict each other outright -- well, there are some heated moments, but they're few -- because mostly the cousins *add on* to what the other is saying. And the person adding on, as Monty does in this particular exchange, adds his opinion to his cousin's opinion and then furthers it with more opinion.

Do you guys ever get sick of me breaking down little exchanges and characters in this way? Tell me. Because I have thoughts in this realm. SO. MANY. And we haven't even fully launched into the third book yet on the blog.

Nikki said...

I bet Monty and his friends would have the best of fun at their Oscars party!

Wilfair Book said...

You're so right, Nikki. Monty IS the party come Oscar night. Though I suspect he shushes everyone in the room when the envelope is opened and the winner's name is read.

He needs total focus. He probably even asks that people stop chewing their pizza. Absolute silence.

And then the party-style chatter starts up again after the winner's name is read.

Chiara said...

I think I want to join the Overboves tomorrow. I wonder who Monty's favorites are?

Do you guys ever get sick of me breaking down little exchanges and characters in this way? Tell me. Because I have thoughts in this realm. SO. MANY. And we haven't even fully launched into the third book yet on the blog.

No! I love getting more back stories to the characters and seeing how involved you are with them and their world :)

Chiara said...

I forgot to ask, what is Sutton doing on Oscar Night?

Wilfair Book said...

Thanks for the feedback, Chiara!

Great question, too. I think Sutton would go over to the hotel to hang out with Fair's little brothers and watch the show while Fair works. But only if Sutton's grandmother already has plans of her own. Sutton wouldn't go over to The Wilfair if her grandma was going to be all alone on Oscar Night.

If Sutton did go over to The Wilfair, I could see her eventually ending up at the motel at some point in the evening, after Wil and Bo went to bed and their monitethers were turned on.

Sutton would leave a note on Fair's bed to join when she's done working downstairs.

The question is, what would Fair do? It would be late and she'd be tired and her hair would be kind of flyaway and greasy and she's probably be quite grouchy.

But. If the party was still going across the pool... Hmm. Tempting.

Chiara said...

Very late reply but this makes me love Sutton even more, she's not only Fair's bestest pal but she's also a great granddaughter.

Fair should totally join the party across the pool, tired and flyaway hair or not. And I hope she did!

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