Prehistoric Beast Near The Redwoodian

A favorite photo, from Mammoth Mountain. Mammoth Mountain is a real California ski resort on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada, not far from where I picture The Redwoodian.

Mammoth Mountain got its name from an early mining company, Mammoth Mining (given that the Gold Rush was centered around the Sierras, there were many, many mining companies back in the day).

But now the mammoth -- as in the prehistoric animal -- is one of the resort's symbols. The mammoth, I think, has better P.R. than the mastodon, overall, but I like it nearly as much as I love Wilfair's official prehistoric beast.

And I adore this photo of a very chilly-looking mammoth statue in a Redwoodian-sized snowstorm. Perhaps Fair and Gomery are sliding about a hotel terrace just in the distance.

As a compare/contrast, here's the mastodon statue at the La Brea Tar Pits. He looks warmer. He also cameos, briefly, in the books.


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