Two New Tabs Up Top

I'm making some slight changes 'round the Wilfair blog. Moving stuff, really, and adding a few new things.

Biggest thing? I'm adding four new tabs up top. Two were launched this morning: Free Books for Friends, which I described in a post a couple of weeks ago, and My Reader Crushes.

Here's the thing: You guys know I'm inquisitive (coughnosycough) and I love knowing about people. And I was not satisfied with simply seeing follower icons on this page, as lovely as they are. The people who visit this blog bring a lot to it, so I want to have a bit more about them, front and center.

I also wanted someplace to organize Reader Spotlights and Grocery Store Fortunes, too.

So I'm trying this new tab out.

The upshot: Any reader I've spoken with or who has commented or who has her name at the top of "Stay Awhile" gets a lovely little line or two on the My Reader Crushes page. If we haven't spoken, or you haven't commented, by all means drop me your name!

Said it before, shall say it again: Wilfair is an inclusive world. If you're lurking, please keep lurking, but let me put your names in lights, if you like.

And those bio lines? Well, I'm going to put something I know about you, from the comments. I know a few extra things about many of you from our email conversations, which I'd love to include, but I won't unless you tell me to do so. (Like you're a teacher or a writer or an engineer or you own parakeets or you are double-jointed.)

Bess is my guinea pig. Thank you, Bess. You're not a real guinea pig, of course, although I sense you are sweet and would let me feed you celery.

The reason I've left all but one blank is this: If you don't want your name on there, just shout and I'll remove it.

Also? If you want to send me a link to your Twitter or Tumblr or a project you're working on or simply a site you really dig, I'll include that in your bio line!

Here's what that might look like:

Alysia: Alysia adds extra milk to her cereal so she has milk to drink at the end of the bowl. She likes reading, sweet beasties, and frocks. 

I'll add to My Reader Crushes over the next few weeks, slowly, in case anyone wants to drop me a link they want to share. Or wants off the list or to change their name.

The side rail is going to change a bit, too, and I have two more top tabs coming. One is taking TIME. But it is fun to do and I think it will enhance this world and be a helpful tool for readers.



myrandaroyann said...

Aw! This (reader crushes tab) is awesome! ;)

bess said...

Agreed! This is fun.

Elisa said...

I agree! The new tab warms my heart. You are so sweet to honor your readers in this way!

Caitlin said...

I like it too! (And I extra bonus like that it is also easily accessible on the mobile version of the site!)

Erika said...

These are cool tabs!

Amanda W said...

Very cool!

wealhtheow said...

Love the tabs.

Chiara said...

I'm with everybody else, love the new tabs!

Wilfair Book said...

Thanks! I'll definitely be working on this through the end of February. Weigh in any time if you want a link next to your name or anything in particular. I'm very easy-breezy with this, trust.

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