When the Circling Stops

Argumentative Attraction, the post that's a few entries down from this one, sparked a number of interesting comments regarding characters who are attracted to each other but bicker to mask feelings. The comments also suggested a number of fresh topics, in my mind.

Let's start with Carly's comment, at the top. She always has a great way of putting things, but here's the part that especially struck me: BUT WHAT ABOUT AFTER THEY MOVED TO PEMBERLEY! (Italics mine, caps are Carly's.)

She's of course referring to the tangly twosome that happily haunts us all. And she asks a question that I've often wondered about, too. What was daily life like, at Pemberley, after "Pride & Prejudice" reaches its final page?

We have to be okay with stories stopping where they do (especially when those books hail from a different century and we sadly cannot write the author and wheedle for more). I am okay with not knowing, I am, I really really am, but. But. The want. It's there.

Carly, I suppose I'm also thinking about your comment in more general terms. Let's leave the Darcy household for a moment and consider all the argumentative-attracted couples that came after. What happens once that sassy circling stops? That's the main question for a lot of us, right? Because so many tales tend to wrap up pretty quickly once the bickering ceases and everyone admits they like each other.

(Further down in the comments Amanda recommends a romantic story that goes into the future a bit to answer that question. I'm intrigued.)

Trust me when I say I've given Wilfair's main pair a lot of thought in this arena. And I suppose what comes after the sassy circling ceases is one reason I didn't necessarily want to do the classic "we're attracted so we argue" thing with them. Well, that and it has been done so often and so well.

I just wondered how hearts would unfold if Ms. Finley and Mr. Overbove started in a place where they were generally nice to each other and were like "oh, yeah, this feels good." Could that be something other than boring? No, really, I wanted to challenge myself here, and make it a pleasure for the reader, too.

Could nice even be sexy?

Creating drama for the sake of drama is something I try to avoid, but I will say that starting Fair and Gomery in a different spot than the classic circling paradigm also means they may go to different places, too. There are a few visitors to this blog who haven't yet jumped into "Stay Awhile," so I don't want to spoil anything, but I'm intent on our twosome evolving in surprising and fun ways, even if they aren't doing that arguing-attracted dance.

And, if you've ever known another human being -- I'm guessing that applies to all of us -- you know that there are ups, downs, and all sorts of middles. Our motelier and heiress are not exempt.

So, tell me: What happens post-circling for a quintessential attracted-but-at-odds pair? What should happen? And any other good recs in the book department?

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bess said...

With this particular couple, I think there are still a lot of interesting situations ahead, even after the standard love story is resolved. This is a couple where neither party has had a huge amount of relationship experience and if memory serves, figuring that out takes a lot of trial and error. Especially because both are more introverted people, suddenly sharing swaths of you life can be hard, no matter how much you love the other person.

That's the dramatic portion (and not just for drama's sake) on the comedy end I can see lots of miscommunication with Monty and Sutton offering dubious advice.

Anonymous said...

I love this about Fair and Gomery! Arguing couples can be fun, but as you said, it's often overdone and hard to believe they'd have a real future.
Yet there is still drama, because we all wonder, will they be able to stay together after all this, because even if they are not at odds, their worlds are.

Wilfair Book said...

Food for thought, bess and Emily. Food. For. Thought. Thanks for weighing in!

And I never mind a bit of "dubious advice" being unleashed now and then, as long as the results are interesting. And not too lasting.

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