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I do love patterns. And twice this past week someone told me it would be helpful to have a "Like" feature on this blog. I'm down with that, especially given that I do not comment at every blog I visit.

So I'm going to try 'em out.

I'm not sure I love the reactions I chose quite yet, and I feel like there needs to be a negative one in the mix, but I haven't figured out what I want to call it. I'll sleep on it. If you have ideas here, shout.

The upshot? If you request anything at all I'm on it!

Oh, and speaking of "Like" -- I didn't go with that particular word because it is so associated with Facebook. But I may yet, if the reactions I've chosen get a few banana cream pies thrown in their direction.

Non-commenting ladies, I appreciate you swinging by the blog! This is for you, and for my commenting ladies. But please keep commenting, sweet people. I enjoy it so much. And some really great recommendations and ideas result from the threads.

Uh-oh. It's Reaction time! Go for it.

(Fingers crossed this mad plan works.)

*Update: Not seeing reactions on my phone. Hmmm, is my reaction.

photo: Caitlinator


Erika said...

I love them. As for negative ones I can't think of any suggestions but I'll sleep on it :)

bess said...

Neato! I will form more coherent thoughts after coffee.

Amanda W said...

I like them! I often visit blogs and enjoy a post but don't have much to say, so a less-verbal way to interact is great. As far as a negative...maybe "not my favorite dip" or "furrowed brow"

I don't love those suggestions, but maybe they'll spark someone else's creative juices.

do dah said...

sad town for the negative one? (oh, is my prior yates obsession showing?)

kitzie said...

So far I'm liking the reaction button... And I just realized you can click more than one! Which is fun.

I like do dah's suggestion of sad town. I would only foresee one problem: would it read as less of a "thumbs down" than a "oh man that sucks"? Wait, that brings up a question: do you intend the negative option to be like "I don't like this" or "oh man that's so sad"?(Side note: I think you're very brave for wanting a negative option either way. I'm not sure I could do it.)

Chiara said...

I like this! Which I already signalized by clicking Rowr! It's a cool feature because sometimes there just isn't a whole lot to say.

For negative options, I have no idea but I like both the "sad town" and "not my favorite dip" suggestions.

Elisa said...

I love this new feature! And it should be noted that a Rrowr button is so much neater than a like button! While I don't know if you need negative buttons I really like the "sad town" and the "not my favorite dip" suggestions. "Banana business" would be a fun reaction choice too. I keep using that saying lately.

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