Monty Overbove has a life of his own, outside of the books. Of this I'm quite sure.

Whenever he shows up in a scene I feel as if he's shown up of his own accord. He's deciding to be there and choosing what he'll say. I'm not sure if this feeling is related to Monty being the easiest person to write for, but I always sense he just might be someone I really know outside of the story.

Monty has many likeable qualities, and a few unlikeable ones, but something I remain sweet on, and something I hope remains, is how comfortable he is with being Montgomery #2.

This is the designation that Fair Finley assigns him in "Wilfair." Later, Sutton Von Hunt shares this with the Overbove cousins in "Redwoodian" -- that Fair thinks of Gomery as Montgomery #1 and Monty as Montgomery #2 -- much to Fair's embarrassment.

Middle initials are shared, and it is determined that Fair correctly guessed that Gomery's name comes first, alphabetically.

Of course Monty doesn't buy that a bit, that that's how Fair determined who would be Montgomery #1 and Montgomery #2. But he's a) got great self-esteem and b) wants to encourage what he sees developing. Meaning that he's not only not hurt about being put in second place but he kind of loves it.

It also gives him ample opportunity to call himself Montgomery #2 and his cousin Montgomery #1, all to give Fair a hard time.

Monty loves ample opportunities.

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do dah said...

my friend and i once created the concept of "pasta boy," a magical handsome gentleman who shows up to bring you pasta when you want it but are too lazy to, say, make it yourself. i feel that monty, like pasta boy, should just magically manifest when you need him. which is a very strange train of thought, now that it's outside my head. but whatever. monty is great, and his ownership of his #2-ness is definitely part of that greatness. also his awkward song in the teaser chapter of fairwil (and staring hard at an orange in stay awhile, i love that bit). just THE BEST.

side note: i feel like there is a monty-esque joke to be made about him loving ample anything. but i'm better at appreciating them than making them.

Wilfair Book said...

I hoped somebody would like the use of the word "ample" there! Thanks, do dah!

Pasta Boy. Now my question about P.B. is this: When you summon him, is the pasta already made? Or does he need to go and make it for you? I'd almost want it to be the latter, so you can chat up Pasta Boy while the water boils.

Also, does the kind of pasta he chooses serve as a secret sign as to how he feels about you? Like, if he chose penne or farfalle would you be like "oh my gosh, I had no idea he felt so strongly!"

Also, does he grate your cheese fresh?

That sounded pretty randy but I'm leaving it.

Love the Monty love, always. I squeeze you a glass of fresh juice with that orange in thanks, do dah!

Carly said...

I love that he enjoys giving Fair a hard time. I'm a big fan of affectionate teasing.

Wilfair Book said...

Carly, I'm sending you a comment hug. That's all.

do dah said...

I actually laughed out loud at your response, and now can't remember which part I laughed at. All of it?

I believe I assumed that Pasta Boy arrived with pasta already made because we did, in real life, once manage to summon a Soda Boy -- who showed up with drinks and perfect timing -- just by talking about being thirsty, and the drinks were already prepared. This experience maaaaaaaay have also created some unreasonable expectations re: my magical abilities or influence with the universe?

But. I LOVE the idea of the type of pasta being a fortune/Victorian code (why are these interchangeable to me?) and will probably judge people according to their pasta choices henceforth. "Ah, the wagon wheels. Fortune is in your future." (Or uncomfortable travel, if the pasta gods are more literal).

And I think I'm adopting fresh-grated cheese (adjective abuse, I'm into it) as a new standard.

Fresh orange juice is my favorite. Thanks!

Kelly said...

Pasta Boy sounds like one of the perks that might happen if the Finley Family ever opened an Italian themed hotel! If I am ever mega rich I have now decided that I will absolutely be hiring a handsome gentleman who brings me freshly prepared pasta on demand.

Also, 'does he grate your cheese fresh?' is my new favourite euphemism!

do dah said...

Yay, Kelly! :)

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