'80s Love Story

Do we all love the 1980s 'round here? I believe we might.

I've been thinking of "Electric Dreams" this morning, a lovely 1984 movie that is quite unsung.

The plot? A nerdy guy wants to get closer to a cello-playing girl but the computer that is madly in love with her keeps messing things up.

Maybe it's me, but when I read details like those I only have one question: Where do I sign?

The computer is wonderfully chunky and bulky and very 1984-y. When I think of the Motel Fairwil's wheezy, whirring computer, I picture the monitor from this film.

The soundtrack is super-wuper amazing, too. Most of it appears on the mega Wilfair playlist.

What's your main '80s love story? There are so many. "Pretty in Pink," anyone?


Erika said...

I see things like this post and I think to myself, "Self, how have you never seen this movie? Especially since you have seen (and own) Once Bitten?"

I'm off to netflix this right now! :D

Wilfair Book said...

ONCE. BITTEN. I just let out a laugh. YES.

I think I may need to Netflick that again.

So. SO. So you probably aren't finding "Electric Dreams" on Netflix, and I recall a friend of mine saying it has been in very limited release for the home market.

I will say that once and awhile it shows up on TV and in a few movie theaters around LA. My advice is when it comes on, catch it, or catch it in a theater. I'll keep a watch. If I see it coming on television, I'll post here.

Now I have to go and read about "Once Bitten," which I haven't seen in forevs. You own it? Oh man. ERIKA. That's fantastic.

Wilfair Book said...

(And now I feel like a goof for recommending a film in limited home release. I'm on a quest now to find it, or find where it will next air.)

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