Aisle 2 Fortunes

Oh hello hello, it's time for another Grocery Store Aisle Fortune!

(When I think about furtively sneaking photos of tissue and ice cream bars, all to tell your fortunes, I laugh. I LAUGH. Just so you know. Think of me, alone, snickering in the frozen food aisle. A project or pastime has to have a weird, "how do I possibly explain this"-filled streak to fill me with sparkles, and this might qualify.) (So do the Wilfair books, probably.)

wealhtheow! You're up. You chose Aisle 2 of Monty and Gomery Overboves' local grocery store, the store that's closest to The Wilfair Hotel's LA corner. (And Motel Fairwil's corner too, of course.) I know for a fact you've been within a couple of blocks of this store, during your Los Angeles visit last summer, but I'm not sure if you went inside. Perhaps you drove by. Did you know that less than a year later your fortune would be told at Wilfair HQ via items in that store? If you did, you're magic. Which I think you are.

Aisle 2 was heavy on paper products and kitchen items. So many positive outlooks ahead, because, you know, we clearly like our kitchens to be aspirational, per the brand-makers. (I guess?)

The Wilfair references are up first, and then your future wish:

A cheese grater, for all the shredded cheddar that gets on Fair's chest (then Gomery's) in "Redwoodian"; sandwich bags for that mysterious Motel Fairwil club sandwich; Fair's name on a package of napkins (or serviettes, if you want to get fancy -- let's); Perfect Results for what Fair is always aiming for (and thus delaying decisions); and Get Real, which I like to think is a constant drumbeat throughout the series.

And now, dear wealhtheow, your fortune! The future is taken best in very tiny bites. I'm a believer in small steps -- not inching, per se, but proactive steps -- and I think any not-so-fun thing you face will be conquered best in this manner.

And then! A bounty is due after that, for all of your small-step-taking efforts. "Bounty" is such a fine word and I know I don't use it enough. I like all that it conveys, and I wish that for you. Abundance and plenty.

Sweet readers: If you've requested an aisle it is still ahead!

If you haven't asked for your Grocery Store Fortune yet, there's time. Available aisles: 1, 4, 5, 8, 10, 14, 16, 18, 19. Allow me to chortle, alone, while grocery shopping, all for your later delight.


wealhtheow said...

YAY! My grocery store fortune post! I like to think that, much like the grater, I too can grate, shred, and/or zest, depending on the occasion.

And I love the "small steps" fortune. It is a good mantra!!

Wilfair Book said...

I sense you have major zest!

Graters attract and scare me simultaneously. Attract because they're all that stand between me and a delicious cheese quesadilla and scare because I grate with far too much fervor. (Sorry, fingertips.)

Still, I'm pro-grater.

Yes, small steps. I'm a firm believer that's why people don't start things. Their perceived bites are far too large.

Chiara said...

Graters scare me. Period. I'm always afraid to hurt my fingers and the scariest scenarios go through my head when grating.

When I think about furtively sneaking photos of tissue and ice cream bars, all to tell your fortunes, I laugh. I LAUGH. Just so you know.

And this makes me smile :)

Wilfair Book said...

Chiara, I don't mind revealing here that I am a solo chuckler on occasion. It doesn't bother me if people stare. There's so much to be amused by out there!

Yes. Graters. And yet I somehow find my way to grated cheese, every time. Because cheese.

Chiara said...

You know, I was thinking that it might also be a great conversation starter, these posts. I mean who wouldn't want to talk to somebody laughing by themselves taking pictures of random items at the grocery store?

Jamila said...

Nothing but BOUNTY ahead for you, my friend! I like it!

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