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omelets, discount: The Motel Fairwil gives out coupons for half-priced omelets at the Mmm Mmm Café, located next door to the motel. (W, SA)

The Oppositery: A Finley family hotel. Consists of two buildings, one on either side of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. If one room has purple rooms, the corresponding room in the other building has its opposite, yellow. One building serves hot food, the other, cold.

orange: The official color of The Wilfair, including the famous ghost sequins guests find on the ground. (W, SA)

oranges: The fruit from the citrus topiaries. Juiced for The Wilfair's famous mimosas. (W, SA)

paintings: What Gomery, Monty, and Fair stare at at the museum next door as they process seeing Fair's room over at the motel. (W)
pajama bottoms, blue: Montgomery #1 owns a pair, as Fair discovers. (SA)

Party Ville: What Prior Yates intends to make The Wilfair once he moves in for an extended stay, much to Fair's consternation and Gomery's amusement. (SA)


Elisa said...

Thank you for sharing the Wilfair Enyclopedia with your readers! Never have I been more excited to read an encylopedia. I especially enjoy how many of the entries refer to Monty :-)

Wilfair Book said...

I'm so happy you like it, Elisa. After I read what you said about Monty I went back through and made sure there was *enough* Monty and I didn't miss any Montgomery Y. Overbove references.

How are you? I'm dropping you and Nicole a line soon. :)

Elisa said...

We’ve been busy lately which makes it all the more exciting that the Wilfair Encyclopedia is a new tab! The Encyclopedia worked to brightens my day by adding a bit of whimsy when I was feeling a bit ho-hum. So thanks! I hope all is well with you and the Wilfair gang. :-)

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