A holiday revisit. :)


Like all major Los Angeles hotels, The Wilfair observes Passover and Easter with special meals, get-togethers, and brunches. It's definitely a gathering place for families and friends during the spring holidays.

There is always an egg hunt, too, for younger guests and the Finley boys. If you've never participated in The Wilfair's annual egg hunt, here's where to look.

1. In the back right corner of the Moonbeam Threshold.

2. In the various alcoves of the Faraway Passageway.

3. Inside the lobby's flower spray.

4. Under the left upper leg of the wingback chair to the right of the fireplace.

5. Inside the mint dish.

6. By the bench near the elevators.

7. Under the front desk.

8. Where the key to Room 504 usually sits in the wooden key rack behind the front desk.

9. Tucked near the revolving door.

10. Next to a bellcart wheel.

11. Under a bellman's cap.

12. In the lower branches of the citrus topiaries (for taller kids).

If children are staying at Motel Fairwil on the Saturday night before Easter, Monty and Gomery will usually ring the big bunny and ask him to stop by the grocery store down Wilshire Boulevard (known for its aisle fortune-telling properties) for a few dozen eggs and some dye tablets. Here's where the Overboves help hide the eggs when Mr. Bunny gets busy over at The Wilfair.

1. In the net of the pool scoop.

2. Beneath the towels by the lounge chairs.

3. On the handle to the motel's lobby door.

4. Along the lobby's vinyl couch.

5. On the pool's first step (so just underwater).

6. Next to the "Pool for Motel Guests Only" sign.

7. Near the tar bubble.

8. Near The Wilfair's citrus topiaries/property line.

9. Around the diner's booths.

10. Where the key to Room 107 usually sits in the wooden key rack behind the front desk.

11. On one of the umbrella tables.

12. Under the diving board.


Erika V. said...

I really want to create Wilfair inspired Easter eggs now... And Easter is over :) maybe I'll go buy some cheap dye and try

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