Favorite Film Friendship

There are many cinematic duos that have won my heart, but one of my favorite film friendships, if not my most favorite, is C-3PO and R2D2.

One is perennially fussy -- the taller droid generally has his arms in the air in exasperation -- and one kind of does his own thing. Or rolls his own way, if you prefer. And yet you can sense the affection between them, even though R2D2's bleeps and bloops are never given subtitles.

You just know that R2D2 is kind of the boss. He likes to get under the gold droid's skin. Er, metal? (I'm not sure there's comparable friendship in "Wilfair," structure-wise. I do like when one friend thinks they're in the driver's seat when it is actually the other friend in charge. Sutton and Monty are both in the driver's seat, or think they are, in their new friendship, which makes me happy.)

As long as we're talking "Star Wars," well. I don't want to brag or anything, but I was Chewbacca for Halloween when I was 10. Full fake fur costume, head to toe. If only I had one in an adult size.

I'm tempted to ask "what's your favorite film friendship?" question. Or the more focused "what do you like best (or not best) about these films?" You pick.

(Bonus points for how easily Han Solo rests his elbow on the back of a chair. Like he owns the place.)

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Amanda W said...

I love questions/discussions like this! So here are a couple of favorite film friendships that pop into my head right away:

Harry and Sally. Now, you might say...wait a minute! That's a romance not a friendship. But remember...they became friends first.

Anne and Diana, for obvious reasons. Is that cheating? I mean, since really it's their friendship in the books I love so much. I just love how their friendship is so free of judgement.

And Will Freeman and Marcus Brewer from About a Boy (again...possibly cheating, since it was also a book. But I saw the movie first!).

I would have more thoughts on the why of these choices, but right now my headache is preventing more thoughts. :)

myrandaroyann said...

I love Frodo and Sam's relationship in The Lord of the Rings trilogy! I also love Mal and Zoe's relationship in Serenity. :)

wealhtheow said...

YES to all of the above. But also Muriel and Rhonda in Muriel's Wedding. Because Muriel has never really had a friend, and she almost totally screws it up with Rhonda. But she comes to her senses, and Rhonda, big-hearted, beautiful, profane Rhonda, sees beneath all the screw-up and hurt and knows Muriel is the best friend she could ever, ever have. Two misfits who are just perfect together. LOVE.

Also the Unicorn and Molly Grue from The Last Unicorn. Molly is fierce and wonderful and, I think more than anyone else, teaches the Unicorn how to love. And the Unicorn rescues Molly from despair.

Wilfair Book said...

Loving all of this.

Amanda: I like your choices and YES. Marcus and Will. Wait, I just heard something new is happening with "About a Boy." I need to go look. Oh, here it is. It's being developed for TV: http://tvline.com/2013/02/14/about-a-boy-tv-series-minnie-driver/

I've been thinking so much of Diana this week for some reason, the character. I feel like she needs her own post.

myranda: My husband gets damp-eyed every time Sam carries Frodo on his back. Every. Time. Me, too. And I vow to check out "Serenity"/"Firefly" eventually! I want to, yes.

wealhtheow: Awww, "Muriel's Wedding." That IS a great friendship. Misfits, indeed. Now I want to find the video of them singing "Waterloo."

Gahhhh, found it. This might have to go on Facebook.

Erika said...

I'm kind of stuck on man friends because R2D2 always seemed like a guy to me.

1. Indigo and Fezzik. Who doesn't love absolutely loyal friends who not only help one another get their revenge on but also play rhyming games??

2. The guys from The Hangover. :)

3. Lastly, Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, a la Avengers.

Wilfair Book said...


I kind of don't even want to continue typing because I think that one name says everything it has to say.

Thanks, Erika! Are you excited about "Iron Man 3"? 'Cuz Casa Painter is EXCITED.

Erika said...

Oh I am stoked for Iron Man 3!! Alex is a big marvel fan so we do the midnight release thing. Hopefully we can do that for this movie too!

Wilfair Book said...

Why I keep house with a big Marvel fan myself! We usually do the first Saturday show, though. I get yawny past 11 on a school night.

I'm excited! Love me the Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, but I gotta go Cap all the way for my favorite Avenger. It's his ultra square ways! Catnip to this lady.

Erika said...

Ha! I love Cap but I think my favorite is Hulk. However you'd have a staunch supporter in Alex. Cap is by far his favorite Marvel Character. He has shirts and a sweater to prove it :D


Wilfair Book said...

Oh man! I want this. I'd wear it. And not just to the movie, either. Just, like, around town.

High five to Alex!

bess said...

One of my favorites are Amelia and Laura in Walking and Talking (which I just looked up and saw was made in 1997?!) A great portrayal of a female friendship where one friends gets engaged and the other feels left behind. It rings close to home for me and is genuinely funny. Interestly, Bridesmaids deals with some of the same issues but in a broader comedic way.

Following the Peter Jackson trend but a little different than Frodo and Sam is "Heavenly Creatures" - it turns a little, actually a lot, scary but the scenes of the fantasy world that the two girls create are beautiful.

do dah said...

great question!

amy pond and the eleventh doctor. i basically love all things pond with an unreasonable love, though. i was really hoping that "gotcha" from her second episode would become more of a thing in the series...

and yes to whoever said inigo and fezzik. brilliant.

i haven't seen the movie in decades, but maybe also the fox and the hound?

also yes to basically everything about harrison ford's han solo. just... yes.

Wilfair Book said...

bess: "Heavenly Creatures" is SUCH the interesting choice. It is a scary film but the intensity of the girls' relationship was what fascinated me. Have you ever seen "Picnic at Hanging Rock"? Different feel but still dreamlike and disturbing.

And I enjoyed "Walking and Talking"; need to see that again.

do dah: Pond and the Doctor! Nice. I do like the Ponds, too (Rory sat for two thousand years outside the Pandorica! Awwww.) I know what you mean about the "gotcha." You sometimes wonder if the writers looking back on something like that don't wish they'd seized that chance, too. Sometimes you don't always notice something that can evolve. (Speaking from experience.)

That second ep was really good, btw. England in space?

Wilfair Book said...

Oh! And "The Fox and the Hound"! I feel another animation post ahead.

Chiara said...

I know they're not originally a movie but Sherlock and Watson! Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law are the perfect duo for this.

And going from there, I simply have to mention House and Wilson, as the show was loosely based on Sherlock Holmes.

do dah said...

RDJ and Jude Law have INSANE chemistry in those movies. Good choice, Chiara! Although Martin Freeman is my favorite Watson, because Martin Freeman is just my favorite. Also my favorite: whoever convinced the internet that Martin Freeman looks like a hedgehog.

(Aside: how come Beetlejuice shows up when you say his name three times, but Freeman doesn't? Not fair, world.)

Wilfair Book said...

Chiara: Agreed. Sometimes casting works magic, and RDJ and Jude Law are a fine example. I love them best when they're hanging about that messy study, sparring.

do dah: MARTIN FREEMAN. All caps, for a Friday. I just shed two stress points merely by typing that name.

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