Just home from seeing "Oz The Great and Powerful." I vow to not make any reveals beyond what is already out there, but if you plan to see it perhaps you should revisit this post at a later date. (I'll look forward to your thoughts!)

My favorite character had a rather interesting name: Finley. Finley is the spunky monkey who befriends the Wizard in the Land of Oz (no spoilers beyond that, promise). I couldn't remember if L. Frank Baum had written a character called Finley but this list tells me he did not.

I'd spent a good deal of time on that name a few years ago. I mulled and mulled about the surname for Wilfair's main character quite a bit, going back and forth on a few choices. But I ultimately chose Finley for our heroine for a few reasons.

One? It had sort of a fantasy ring to it, to my ears, and some pluck, too.

Two? I liked that it sounded like "finally." There's an air of "finally" to much of the Wilfair stories, to me. As in, "finally this is happening." I do believe we all crave more finallys in our lives. Completion. An outcome. An answer.

Three? I wanted our heroine's first and last name to begin with the same letter. I was pretty adamant about this from the start.

But most of all? I like meaning of Finley: Fair hero.

Here's wonderful Finley in his smart, brass-buttoned bellhop outfit. Very jaunty indeed. It was a really fun movie, and if you're an Oz person, a definite rec.


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