Five Fast Things

1. Monty posts are clearly the engine of this blog. I embrace this. There's one below this post, so please go there now if you like. Thank you.

2. I had to re-word the kitzie corner post because I woke up in the night thinking "oh criminy, did my ladies think I meant that my presence is the cherry on top of the cherry? I meant the cherry on top of the cherry is I get to meet readers!" I hope that was clear. Hurf.

Sometimes I wake up in the night thinking about the Wilfair world. Truth.

Then I eat a very tiny bowl of cereal, usually Cinnamon Life, then I look at all the games I'm not quite winning in Words With Friends, then I write down an idea or two for a Monty-Sutton exchange, and then I go back to sleep.

3. How are you?

4. Happy weekend!

5. I woke up thinking about this song. It's over four decades old and still played at weddings, meaning Fair Finley hears it EVERY Saturday and probably mouths the words as she walks around the lobby and 500 Dip Bar.

My favorite line is probably "workin' together day to day." That's not a sentiment expressed in a lot of love songs. There's something kind of wonderfully real about that line.

And the style and look and clothes of this video? Want. Plus the word "YOU" that's basically the set. What? This is the best. Why can't everything be this great? Everything, be greater like this:


Amanda W said...

Fun fact: I love The Carpenters. As a kid, when I would do my house-cleaning chores on Saturdays, I would put on my mom's Carpenter's singles record (yes, actual record) and rock out to that while I cleaned the house. Good memories. The Carpenters still qualify as some of my go-to happy music.

Erika said...

Amanda W, my childhood was so similar! The only difference was I did not have a record, just a CD and an old boombox.

Wow, those are some great memories! Now AI want to listen to Top of the World.

Wilfair Book said...

I absolutely love the Carpenters. Karen Carpenter's voice is pretty much on a level all its own. Gorgeousness.

Let me also add that they really contributed to the sound of that era in a major way. There was a thankfully brief time when the Carpenters and that genre of music got somehow equated to elevator music, but I think people have moved past that and realize it was all pretty beautiful.

Oh my gosh. Do you guys love "Superstar"? "Don't you remember you told me you loved me baby..."

Too much.

Whenever I drive through Downey, the Carpenters' hometown here in SoCal, I HAVE to play their music.

Amanda W said...

Yes! "Superstar"!

Wilfair Book said...

Amanda: Seriously. If there's ever a cautionary tale about getting involved with someone famous too fast, that's it. Beautifully done but a heartbreaker.

It played in my head a little when I first thought about Sutton following Prior Yates to his suite at The Redwoodian. Of course, that turned out differently than the song! Phew.

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