Kitzie and Karen Visit Wilshire and Fairfax!

The Wilfair books are fictional but they're set at a real Los Angeles intersection: Wilshire Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue.

One reason I built the Wilfairverse right there is because I love the neighborhood. It's the City, capital C, and there are museums and traffic and noise and tar pits and famous Farmers Market and big buildings and everything.

But I also thought that if a reader enjoyed the books it might be interesting for them to have an actual place to visit. That I would meet them there has been the surprising cherry on top of the cherry. (For me, I mean -- ha! A gift in my life. I hope for readers as well.)

Erika was the first reader to visit me at Wilshire and Fairfax. (wealhtheow visited on her own but she's totally going to ring me up next time, fingers crossed, pretty please?)

And today? I met the wonderful kitzie, who's in town for a few days, and her funny friend Karen. We met up for drinks at the museum next door and then made our way to the corner for a photo.

You might notice something different in these pictures as compared to Erika's day: PROPS. Yep, I decided that each photo -- and there are a few to come in April, hooray! -- should have its own distinct vibe. So I packed up every giant hat I own and made my way to Fair and Gomery's corner.

If you're thinking about visiting me, you should know I have 1.) absolutely no shame and 2.) a deep love of silliness. 

Thanks, ladies! You are smart and fun and I enjoyed talking about Men of Science with you and gin drinks and cartoons and high school beaus.

I'm the stripey orange hat, kitzie's green, and karen went flapper.


Erika said...

I am loving the hats! What a pretty day too!!

Wilfair Book said...

Erika! If you come back up and want a props-filled picture, I am game. Though I love our photo, too! Meeting my first reader, yes, but meeting you! A great morning. I'll never forget! :)

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